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  • 2016 PCG Symposium Conference & Trade Show May 9th – 12th

    2016 PCG Symposium Conference & Trade Show 

    PCG’s Symposium Concepts and productions intend to deliver up some of the most optimal full-service educational trade shows being provided in the pawn space and in other related industries to date.

    It is our desire to enhance the overall experience for the attendees as well as our vendor supporters by including a number of other trade groups and related interests to participate in the shows.

    PCG has worked with a number of other industries that have migrated into the pawn space as well as witnessing numerous pawn operations around the world today of which many are or have moved into other similar or related revenue generating businesses.

    The purpose of this format is so that we may all share in the collective knowledge, support, peer groups, relationships, and resources that are available to all of us in order to better serve our customer base, expand our operational capabilities and maximize our opportunities to survive in this ever changing landscape we call business. 

    Through our combined global efforts PCG has developed a variety of colleagues and clients from a wide range of specialists in the Pawn space and other industries.

    We believe in providing public access to the events and by inviting everyone in and educate the masses through exposure, engagement and access while developing new business opportunities for everyone has become one of our operational mantras!

    The 2016 show will include consultants, vendors, representatives, educational seminars and or related topics from the following industries:

    • Pawn Space
    • Secondhand Dealers
    • Alternative Finance – Check Cashing, Payday, Title Loans, MSB
    • Professional Services – Banking. Accounting, Legal
    • Numismatics – Coin & Bullion
    • Technology – Digital Market Places, Digital Marketing, Software, eCom Platform Options
    • Gift Card Repurchasing and Resale Business
    • Music Industry
    • Inventory Suppliers / Manufacturers
    • Firearm Distributors / Accessories
    • Jewelry Industry – Diamond Buyers, Distributors, Auctioneers, Retail Product, Colored Stone Sorting
    • Law Enforcement

    The event is scheduled with two full days allocated to the vendor portion of the trade show and one full day of interactive seminars. Some functions will be delivered on the trade show floor to maximize traffic flow and participation in the trade show areas.  

    We have selected the 4 diamond Gaylord Hotel & Resort in Kissimmee Florida as our host property and are looking forward to welcoming our growing community to our latest production series.

    Here is a link to the Resort:

    Gaylord Marriott Resort

    As denoted in our earlier blogs PCG is gearing these productions up to be both – family and business friendly events. Orlando Florida offers a wide range of activity for the kids and families alike and remains the #1 destination spot in the world today. The venue provides access to the theme parks and much more in Central Florida and is centrally located.

    Tentative Schedule for events is as follows:

    • Monday the 9th – Load IN / Vendor Set UP / Hotel Check In
      • Vendor / Participant Registration 9AM – 5PM
      • Reception (7 – 9PM)
    • Tuesday the 10th – (9 – 6PM) Trade Show Opens
      • Registration (9 – 4PM)
      • Colored Stone Sorting (9 – 6PM) Appointment Required
      • Luncheon (12 – 1PM) – Trade Show Floor
      • Reception – (7 – 10PM) / Entertainment
    • Wednesday the 11th – (9 – 6PM) Trade Show / Vendor Load Out
      • Colored Stone Sorting (9 – 6PM) Appointment Required
      • Luncheon (12 – 1PM)
      • Dinner / Reception (8 – 10PM)
    • Thursday the 12th – Concurrent Seminars Running from 8AM to 6PM
      • Luncheon 12 – 1PM
      • Vendor Load Out
      • Event Conclusion

    Our goal for the two upcoming shows will be to enhance the trade-show experience for our vendors and attendees by providing more direct inter-action on the trade-show floors. The host of high-level educational programs that will run concurrently and individually outside of trade-show hours will allow all attendees to attend the presentations they desire or all of them if they so choose. This will allow trade-show days to be dedicated solely to our vendor partners and attendees while hosting various functions in the trade show areas.

    We will be offering up a wide-range of high level educational series programs all geared to expanding business acumen, providing more access and knowledge to other opportunities and integrate with other business professionals up close and up front. A number of our Sponsors will be providing educational programs in options and benefits for their products and services.

    We have a guest “Key Note” speaker that also promises to rock the house!

    PCG is setting up our site and registration and IS pre-selling the event starting now.

    Individual attendance to the event will be $395 per person and will include all activities of the event itself.

    We will be offering a $100 pre-registration discount per attendee that will run till October 1st 2015 for any of the early birds who would like to save some money and secure their spot for the show.

    The Resort has provided us with a standard room rate of $169 per night at the property. We do have a block of rooms secured and are anticipating a sellout of this block. We do suggest pre-registration with PCG to guarantee space.

    Feel free to contact us directly to get your name on the list and we will forward the registration information as it comes online.

    Registration Requests submit to: pawnshopconsultinggroup@gmail.com

    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.







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