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Pawn shops are just like any other business – they can be bought and sold. In fact, like other niche markets, the goal is often to build up the business until it has a certain value, and then sell it for a profit. There are other reasons for buying and selling pawn operations, including:

  • Dissolution of partnerships
  • Changes in family dynamics, family interests or obligations
  • Retirement
  • Estate purposes
  • And the growth of a family business as the generational continuum changes and grows.

Whatever the reason, our team can take you where you want to go.

Pawn Shop Valuations

Valuation is the estimate of something’s worth. Pawn shop valuations are done by professional appraisers, such as the team at PCG. They work to determine the fair market value of an operation for a buyer or seller. There are a number of things we will do for a valuation. In addition to determining fair value in the marketplace, we can help business owners identify an opportunity to expand their business by acquiring an additional operation. We can also help identify opportunities for those interested in breaking into the business with an initial shop purchase.

For valuations, we offer the following services:

  • Loan yield analysis
  • Retail inventory analysis
  • Overall asset performance
  • Business model assessment
  • Market assessment
  • Competition analysis and detailed observations, or Dark ShoppingValuation services, including:
  • Equity partner dissolutions
  • Ownership changes
  • Estate planning
  • Fair market evaluation
  • Market representation
  • Acquisition opportunities
  • Valuation opinions
  • Capitalization

Pawn Shop Mergers

Valuations tie in with pawn shop mergers. Mergers are another way to grow your business by uniting two companies into one. The value of a merger lies in its ability to expand a company’s reach into new segments and increase the overall value. A merger brings the best of both companies together to create a bigger, better, stronger version of itself.

Mergers are most often voluntary, with both companies agreeing to terms. The benefits include a reduction in operating costs, expansion to new markets, combining products and inventory, and increasing profits. If an owner has a portfolio of stores, whether just a few or a large number of locations, we can help identify opportunities and facilitate the deal of merging those businesses.

Pawn Shop Acquisitions

The benefits of acquisitions are appealing to many business owners, and the pawn industry is no exception. They include reduced entry barriers so you can enter a new market with instant brand recognition and a built-in customer base, new resources and an increase in competencies, access to regional experts, and access to capital.

There are plenty of individuals, partnerships, and groups working to expand their market share in the pawn industry. These people or groups are actively seeking to buy new stores. We work with these groups to help them consider their options when it comes to acquisitions. They want and need strategic deals in markets where the acquisition window is open. We help them find those deals. Here’s what we can do for your acquisition:

  • Identify potential targets
  • Analyze asset base and potential
  • Assess demographic profiles of targets
  • Comprehensive financial analysis
  • Complete acquisition asset auditing, including:
  • Hard goods – loan and retail
  • Jewelry – loan and retail
  • Firearms and compliance
  • Layaway disposition
  • Furniture and fixture detail
  • Information system credibility and status reporting (security) – this includes price point valuation, customer analysis, operational transitions, and brokerage services

Whatever your goals are for your pawn operation, we can help. Whether you’re looking to sell your business, expand it by merging with another successful brand, or acquiring more locations to build your market share, the team at Pawn Shop Consulting Group can move you through the process with our experts guiding you every step of the way. Connect with us online now to get started.

Considering selling or expanding?  Learn how Pawn Shop Consulting Group can help with our expert valuation, mergers, and acquisitions teams.

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