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  • PCG – Presenting at both the Midwest Convention and the NPA Pawn EXPO Show in Las Vegas

    Jerry Whitehead, founder of the Pawnshop Consulting Group
    Founder of the the Pawnshop Consulting Group, Jerry Whitehead

    PCG – Presenting at both the Midwest Convention and the NPA Pawn Expo Show in Las Vegas


    First Up:

    Pawnshop Consulting Group’s Jerry Whitehead will be presenting at the upcoming Midwest Show in Indianapolis May 17th – 19th.

    Speaking on behalf of myself (Jerry Whitehead) I am so proud of the Midwest group – in 2023 they bestowed the “Krupnik – Stempkowski Lifetime Achievement Award” at their annual convention to yours truly.

    I remain so blessed and thankful for this prestigious recognition coming from the Midwest group.

    PCG will be presenting an up-to-date presentation at the Midwest show.

    This piece is focusing on a culmination of “Best Practices in Pawn” that I have learned through a lifetime of service (50 years ++) in the Pawn Industry as an operator, owner, and a consultant.

    This presentation will be a “one off” provided as a specialty piece at the Midwest this year ONLY.

    We will be examining a number of potential life and or business changing practices we have been involved in, learned in our journey, and/or introduced in our life cycle spanning some 50 years in the Pawn Industry.

    This event is an open forum type that will be encouraging active feedback and interaction from any and all of our participants who may join us this year up in Indianapolis.

    This session promises to be one of the best coming from the Pawnshop Consulting Group as we gear up for all of our PAWN friends and family involved with and participating at this years Midwest show.

    PCG has been speaking at and participating with the Midwest group for more than 20 years and are very much looking forward to this year’s show.

    The Hotel Room block is filling up quickly and sells out every year.

    Follow the link below if you have not already registered for the event and or book your hotel room and get registered for the event.

    Hopefully we will see you there!


    Next up – Pawnshop Consulting Group will be presenting again this year at the National Pawnbrokers Pawn Expo.

    Our presentation for the community will be at our Industry insight piece I will be hosting with a very special guest of ours on Monday July 22nd at 1 PM. 

    This presentation will focus on enhancing industry opportunities with an introduction to one of the most significant offerings I believe the Pawn Industry may ever witness.

    We will be discussing amongst other things – an extraordinary exclusive PAWN industry opportunity being presented at the NPA show and at our booths with our affiliate partner during the trade show floor hours.

    See schedule details here: PawnExpo.com conference-schedule

    I will also be this year’s Moderator for the “Legends Unleashed” that will be hosted by the NPA.

    This will be held on Thursday July 25th at 12:45 PM to 2:30 PM and here is some insight from the NPA on this special presentation:

    Legends Unleashed – Panel Discussion to include: Michael Mack, Bob Moulton, Sam Shocket & Nick Fulton with Jerry Whitehead as Moderator

    Step into the exhilarating world of pawnbroking as industry titans unite in a dynamic and insightful session. Join us for a riveting exploration of the pawn industry’s past, present, and future, as legendary figures engage in spirited dialogue, sharing unparalleled expertise and diverse perspectives. In this unique session, seasoned veterans with decades of experience will take center stage to discuss the evolution of the pawn industry, its challenges, and the innovative strategies that have shaped their success. With anecdotes that span the history of their careers, this session promises a rich tapestry of wisdom, wit, knowledge and storytelling.

    Be sure to stop by and visit us on the trade show floor for ALL the information on our exclusive industry offering and more:

    We will be on the main end-cap on the trade show floor during event hours – booths 201-300 respectively.

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC.

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