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Find Out Why Jerry Whitehead and PCG are the Foremost Authorities on Pawn Shop Consulting Group Operations

  • 1961
    His family opened a single store.
  • 1968
    When he was eight years old, Jerry started working in the stores, cleaning and sweeping on weekends and during the summers. After a number of years and as the family business grew, Jerry took a break and tried his hand at sound and lighting production, starting his own business providing lighting and sound services to concerts and events in Maui, Hawaii.
  • 1986
    Jerry came back to the family business full-time. In just a few years, he grew the business, opening five more pawn shop locations, taking the family business to 12 stores in the DFW Metroplex.
  • 1992
    After years of upgrading the technology and modernizing the stores in 1992, he helped sell the family chain of 12 stores—a deal valued at more than 10 million dollars to Cash America.
  • 1993
    Jerry served as Chief Operating Officer of Doc Holliday’s Pawnbrokers and Jewelers. Under his leadership, the company was able to develop growth capital through a variety of debt and equity investments. This enabled them to grow from eight stores in one state to over 50 stores across six states. As COO, he oversaw operations and was instrumental in developing the operational systems, philosophies, recruitment program, team management system, and organizational growth.
  • 1997
    By 1997, Doc Holliday’s was the largest privately held pawn chain in the United States and was acquired that year by Cash America in a deal valued at approximately $30 million.

After the successful acquisition of Doc Holliday’s by Cash America, Jerry moved to Florida to work with a group of investors who wanted to expand into the pawn and auto title lending industry. The group acquired several pawn shops in addition to opening a number of automobile title lending operations, including Pawn Max, Inc., Max Title, Inc., and Payday Max, Inc. Between 2000 and 2003, he sold the Pawn Operations to PMC, Pawn Shop Management Company, in Fort Worth, Texas.

Though its early incarnation began in the late 90s, the formation of Pawn Shop Consulting Group, LLC (PCG), was formalized in 2001. This gave him the foothold to work as a consultant for organizations such as Cash N’ Pawn International, LTD., and CashWiz Holdings, LLC., among others. He provided high level consulting services while developing internal audits, information system upgrades, management oversight, development and capitalization, and played a critical role in opening more than 20 pawn locations in over 12 Caribbean countries and the U.S. with the CashWiz team initially, then went on to consult with more than 600+ clients in 45 countries globally and across the USA.

In his role at Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Whitehead served in various board positions on state and national pawn trade associations, creating a network of professional relationships and the development of his pawn shop consulting group. The group has been responsible for the sale or acquisition of more than 250 pawn shops in the last 35 years while also assisting hundreds of clients in the United States and more than 45 countries worldwide.

Whitehead, along with his team at PCG, has also created the pawn industry’s first and only Pawn Peer Focus Groups™, the International Pawn Symposiums™, and the Pawn Management Camp™ series. He is the owner and creator of the Crossover EXPO™ LLC., an educational regional pawn trade show, and the co-producer of the Pawn Summit. For the last 15 years, Whitehead has been on the lecture circuit presenting high-level information at events and trade shows in locations such as the U.S., Mexico, Latin America, Canada, Caribbean, and London.

The Pawn Shop Consulting Group is the industry leader in pawn shop consulting in the United States, with a presence in 45+ countries with over 600 clients touched in the nearly 20 years it’s been in business. Continuously raising the bar on what they do and how they support their customers, their goal is to be better every day.

PCG is the leader in pawn shop consulting.
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