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  • Pawn Shop Recruiting Programs

    Pawn Shop Recruiting Programs from Pawn Shop Consulting Group Work to Hire the Best People from Top Leadership Down to the Store Level  

    Pawn shop recruiting programs from Pawn Shop Consulting Group can help any pawn operation build a dream team of employees focused on winning. Be confident, putting your trust in Pawn Shop Consulting Group’s professional recruitment programs. We know what works. 

    Pawn Shop Recruiting Programs for Multi-Store Operations 

    Our specialty is consulting large multi-store operations. We recruit every position from the front counter staff in a single location to the highest-level executive in your multi-state organization. We have the systems in place to build a team dedicated to the success of your pawn business. 

    Our Industry Experience Works for You 

    When we recruit for your pawn operation, our years of pawn industry experience go to work for you immediately. Because we are pawn industry experts, we know what it takes to succeed in a pawn shop from day to day and for the long haul, too. We put our knowledge together with the specifics about you, your business, and your company culture to compile profiles of the positions you need to fill.  

    Job and Candidate Details

    Before the hiring starts, two things need to happen. First, there must be an accurate description of the position. Secondly, we detail the ideal candidate for the job. The following are part of the job and candidate details we compile:

    • Required competencies, abilities, and specific skills
    • Educational and professional experience qualifications
    • Day to day tasks and activities that make up the position
    • Output required by the job holder
    • Desirable candidate qualities, aptitudes, and attitudes
    • Any additional expectations
    • An explanation of how each job fits into the structure of your pawn operation


    Honesty, Loyalty, and Dependability 

    Honesty and loyalty are desirable qualities. Candidates with exaggerated tales of trustworthiness may not be as committed to your success as one with a personal reference singing their praises. Dependability, follow-through, and a commitment to honoring deadlines are traits we watch from the first contact with candidates. 

    Teamwork and Eagerness to Learn 

    We believe the ability to work well and agreeably with others is critical, along with negotiating skills and a willingness to collaborate. As you know, there is always more to learn in the pawn industry. We have found that candidates eager to learn tend to like the pawn industry for that reason.  

    Self-confidence and Work Ethic 

    Another quality that shows success is confidence. A confident candidate is friendly and engaging on the phone, in a video interview, and face-to-face. We gauge work ethic with personal and professional references.

    Persistence and Positivity 

    To ferret out the most persistent candidates, we ask questions and present scenarios to reveal those with determination. Top candidates will describe overcoming a challenge and the tenacity it took to achieve goal. Do not underestimate the importance of positivity in the workplace. Positive people are resilient and overcome setbacks easily. Also, positive employees increase repeat business and customer referrals. Not to mention the 5-star online reviews customers leave for positive people. On the other hand, you have negativity. One negative attitude can destroy a pawn shop keeping customers away. That is why we use multiple methods to spot negative attitudes.  

    We Manage the Application Process 

    We manage the application process from start to finish. In this process, we often use a job application form. Application forms help make collecting information and applicant processing systematic. A questionnaire also helps to screen candidate information quickly and easily to objectively pinpoint those most suitable for a position in your company. 

    We Review Candidate Resumes 

    In our recruiting and candidate screening processcandidates have opportunities to sell themselves. Allowing candidates to submit resumes is a way for them to say who they are in their own words. There are no restrictions or limitations that an application form provides, and this process can be telling. 

    We Interview Candidates 

    A range of different methods can be employed to assess candidates. These are techniques that can be an essential predictor of performance for positions in the pawn industry. These include the traditional job interview, competency-based interview, role-play scenario, and mock presentation in consideration of both your time constraints and budgetary parameters. 

    We Are Your Pawn Shop Recruiting Partner 

    Our pawn shop recruiting programs work. We find people who are well-suited for the position. Your new employees will collaborate well with your team and will mesh well into your company culture. Most hiring practices quickly guzzle up resources with no guaranteed payoff.  When you have hired and fired in the past, you know finding employees is time-consuming and costly. With our help, those days are over.

    Say Yes to Our Pawn Shop Recruiting Programs 

    It is time to partner with experts in hiring. Why continue to go it alone when it comes to filling positions? You can be sure our proven-to-work pawn shop recruiting programs work. Let the PCG systematic hiring strategies find the best people for your business. From top leadership down to the store level, we work on perfecting your workforce, ensuring success you and your company. Why wait to place professional, positive employees in place in your organization. 

    Pawn Shop Recruiting Programs Help You Succeed 

    You know the pawn industry is unlike any other, and we know that too. It requires specialized services when it comes to professional recruitment. Reach out to PCG for consulting. You will get the help you need.  Partner with us to build a team and achieve your business goals.