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Pawn Shop Consulting Group Mission Statement

Our Mission

Today the Industry has changed more in the last 30 years than in it’s prior 3000 years of existence. When our family got in the business back in the early 60’s who would have ever thought there would be public pawn companies valued in the billions operating stores in multiple countries and traded on Public stock exchanges?

The industry today is comprised of many different operators operating on many different levels. Our industry on a global basis continues to grow and thrive in today’s environment unlike any other time in our history. The world in which we inhabit is also in a constant state of flux and it is my belief this is the BEST time in history to be in the Pawn business!

We at the Pawn Shop Consulting Group™ strive to remain on the cutting edge of the industry on every front today that is imaginable. We are able to achieve these goals through our extensive International clientele base and our extensive network of professionals working in and around this industry every day.

We believe that through our collaborative efforts we are able to deliver the most specific needs that any operator operating on any level could ever need or desire. This is while attempting to seek constant awareness in our knowledge and awareness of all that is around us in today’s competitive regulatory and business environments nationally and internationally.

There is no compromise for status quo, we believe that by constant innovation of techniques and technologies being applied and learned in real time on a global basis that we are quite capable of adapting our operating structures and or philosophies to FIT ANY operation or operator on the planet today!

Our operational mantra remains to be constantly sourcing for the next solutions, the next idea and the next great platforms in which to introduce and collaborate amongst our fellow industry members with a constant focus on “Best Practices”.

Feel free to contact us directly to see what you may be missing today; we most assuredly live to serve!

Jerry Whitehead

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