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  • 2017 PCG Pawn Peer Focus Groups

    PCG is proud to announce we are coming into our fifth year with our game changing industry peer focus groups. Focus groups are the most comprehensive and beneficial programs that folks can be involved in as it relates to their chosen industry’s and for those industry’s that are privileged enough to have them.

    Are you as a business owner/operator interested in taking a hands on approach with the most comprehensive and revolutionary game-changing ways to enhance your business acumen, performance of your operation(s), make more money while developing close – lifelong friends and relationships with others in your industry while studying their business models as well as yours up close and up front?

    PCG currently has several openings in Group I and is forming new groups now!

    Group participation provides a number of opportunities to gain knowledge from the collective of the groups in real time up close and up front. PCG group I has more than 300 years of collective wisdom from the members in this group.

    Groups are geared to explore the brutal honesty of what you may be doing right, or wrong in the eyes of the collective, and common core interests in being the best of the best as individuals and collectively.

    Groups are limited to no more than 15 (store or company) members – This is to keep the groups tight and not overly burdened with too much participation.

    Members can bring up to 4 members from each operation to the group meetings unless other arrangements have been made. Teams that are being critiqued, typically bring in all or most of their supervisory personnel when the live critiques are going on during our sessions that occur post the store tour aspects of group participation.

    Members create lifelong relationships with other peer members, these relationships carry well beyond the focus group participation themselves. The network expands for all members and having the collective available for questions or concerns provides a wider range of access for all members and participants on real life day to day issues affecting you and or your business.

    Many members of our current group have become good friends and the open channel dialogues among the members in the groups is priceless.

    Groups meet two times a year in a member’s market area – spring and fall

    The focus groups themselves primarily function as follows:

    All members sign a participation agreement, new member petitions must receive a 70% majority to vote to get into the group.

    PCG protects ALL members and their respective market areas. (50 mile radius protection rules in the members participation agreement)

    Members must not be in competition, not planning on competing in member market areas, nor may members poach personnel or impede any member’s operations or market areas in anyway.

    PCG charges an annual fee of 5K for the administrative duties required to produce and organize the group gatherings. Other fees for participation include the pro-rata share or expenses for producing each event at each gathering. This would be for the meeting spaces, travel for PCG, meals, buses and or transportation, guest speakers, or other related production charges. Typically, these expenses run about $500 per attendee per meeting.

    PCG organizes all of the hotel spaces, meeting spaces, buses, schedules, guest speakers and or presenters, chairs all meetings, and agendas for each gathering that occurs twice a year.  

    New Groups forming now, if you would like to be considered for joining one of our groups for a life changing activity for you and your business, contact PCG directly.

    Once your market has been placed, no more participation within that market will be allowed to participate in the focus group that encompasses that market.

    Jerry Whitehead – President

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.