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  • A Political RANT by Jerry Whitehead

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    Today, Monday the 8th of August represents but yet another turning point in our country’s global power and position. Over the weekend the overall credit rating of the United States was reduced from it’s AAA standing to a AA standing. IN as much as this may not seem like a major event, it really is.

    Because of this downgrade and recent activity or I should say inactivity by our illustrious elected officials, this has sent the US financial markets our credit and our borrowing power and financial status in the world spiraling downward.

    Over the weekend the foreign markets shifted overall down as a result of this credit rating change of the US and it represents a clear and present danger to the overall goodwill and economic stability of our beloved country.

    In the recent years, the TEA Party gained some momentum realizing that a TRUE change needs to come to our country. In the beginning, I shamelessly admit that I was behind Obama after he made it in. I am a traditional Republican but also felt some change or something has or had to happen to our country.

    We have in a sense, lost our way. Our elected officials for the most part are in it for just what’s in it for them is the overall mood and sense of the country today in my humble opinion. We need to have drastic political changes and drastic political decisions executed and done in order to save our beloved country in my opinion as well.

    When we find there are no countries to lend us money, who will fund our annual spending of 3 trillion dollars a year? How will we survive and sustain our economy and what is left of the American dream? The outlook is not good and well, it’s just not good.

    They say that by 2022 80% of our total GDP will be for servicing our debt only. We have an aging population that is quickly rising and moving into the Social Security and Medicare systems and at today’s rate, it should all be completely bankrupt by 2018 is the overall census of the real bankers who actually know how to use a calculator.

    The current political regime of Obama and his various henchmen like Tim Geithner, Ben Bernacke and more are train wrecking our country. Mr. Geithner when appointed to the head of the treasury by Obama admitted somehow he had just forgotten to file his own taxes for 10 years. And, oh well that must have just been an honest mistake we will make you head of the treasury of the United States anyway. Here is a man that has never held or  had a job in the private sector and has no clue how to run a business much less the treasury of the United States. The whole thing, the whole regime is rotten and they all need to be sent to Guantanamo bay for some water boarding in my opinion for the rest of their lives.

    What happens to you or I, average Joe citizen if we fail to pay our taxes for 10 years? What do you think they will do to you? Any idea? The IRS uses threat of confiscation, arrest and imprisonment to intimidate you to pay taxes. They can show up in armored vehicles with SWAT team members, surround you with firepower and weapons and incarcerate and in some cases scare you into submission.

    Obama and his regime wants to RAISE taxes again. They say, because I worked my ass off for 30 years ++ and am now making a good living, I should pay more for those who can’t pay at all! They don’t see all the sweat equity, years of suffering and investing and reinvesting, borrowing, going into debt, hell even my father was murdered over money and debt! My brother and I only were only taxed at 86% percent by the time all the smoke settled, on an estate and income my father had paid taxes on his entire life. He was murdered before he qualified for SS, where do you think that money went?

    Unless we elect real people who want to do real jobs and create real solutions for our country, we will most likely perish and go by the wayside in the not too distant future. The Roman Empire thrived for more than 500 years until it grew to a point that it was unsustainable and then it crashed.

    Term limits need to be introduced and no politician should be able to get elected unless he or she can qualify for a commercial driver’s license. They have to pass a background check and drug and alcohol tests. Half of our current Congress has been convicted or charged with a crime FYI. The biggest crime of all is what these 540 or so elected officials are doing to our country.

    Remember, those elected officials are the ones’ who are solely responsible for our wars, our national debt, the robbery of the treasury and the American people. Obama is talking about providing amnesty for 20 million illegal aliens, the right to vote and SS for them as well. How much do you think they have contributed to our SS fund or the GDP of the USA?

    Pray for our country, get politically involved, protest and speak your mind. Your very freedoms and privileges of our constitution are being stripped away one by one by, by YOUR elected officials!

    Today’s rant, sponsored by Jerry Whitehead!!

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