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  • Additional Information on the Pawn Symposium

     More updates on the Pawn Symposium!

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland – just to clarify a few points the Pawnshop Consulting Group and our list of distinguished guests and speakers are doing something that has NEVER been done in our industry before.

    We are creating an event that will allow for direct communication, feedback and networking with some of the best and brightest minds in our industry and more. This is in an environment that is not a trade show, a convention, no vendors and no sales pitches.

    The following topics have NEVER been presented at ANY Public Pawn function.

    The Symposium Format is geared to bring NEW Ideas and Concepts forward and as such we have selected these topics and speakers to be Crucial and Informative for our Industry:

    John Thedford – Former CEO and founder of Value Financial Services (Value Pawn 70+ stores) acquired in 2008 by EZ for over 120 million dollars – current CEO for Family Financial operating stores in the USA and Puerto Rico

    • Creating Corporate Culture – Witness the key ingredients to creating successful corporate culture as featured in Mr. Thedford’s book.
    • Creating a Strategic Path for your Organization – Great ingredients for creating a strategic path for your organization – corporate Mantra for Value Pawn and Family Pawn
    • David Johns – Director NPA – VP Operations – Family Financial, David was formerly the Human Resource director for Cash America International and also Sears.
      • Defining the Employee Selectivity Processes – This program is a highly refined program on how to find and select the best candidates for your organization. This program is being customized for this year Symposium and promises to be a one of kind.
      • Defining Employee Productivity Processes – Another program highly desired in our community, this one is being scoped for the Symposium and will present many concepts on how to properly motivate team members with productivity systems to enhance the bottom lines.
    • Kevin Prochaska MBA / CPAPresident of the NPA – CEO Lombard Financial Services. Kevin has been in the industry for more than 30 years serving in a variety of roles, CFO and special assistant to the CEO for EZ Corp, Executive VP for Cash America, COO for Doc Holliday’s Pawnbrokers and CEO for Lombard.
      • Financial Benchmarks to Set the Standard for Your Business – The Symposium will be the first production in history that Kevin will be presenting this crucial program at. Defining and looking at the key metrics utilized in any financial assessments of the financial operations side of our business. Promises to be one of the most informative lecture programs seen!
      • Applying Financial Benchmarking to Your Business – This seminar by Kevin and Jerry will look at the many variables utilized in assessing pawn operations specifically in an open workshop and talk environment, hear from the experts!
    • ButterMilk Media with Justin Whitehead – Social Media Integration – This program will look at how Social Media today is replacing conventional advertising with FREE programs and how to utilize it properly. How to eliminate or significantly reduce your advertising budgets with tricks and tips on how to maximize your visibility on the Internet and the Social Media Communities. One of the most informative programs the Pawnshop Consulting Group has ever been involved in and also promises to be extremely unique.
    • Wayne McMahon / Jerry Whitehead – Pawn Shop Focus GroupsAnother first of kind and introduction of a TRUE focus group platform for our Industry. How a peer group works and what it can do for you, how members benefit each other, expectations and more.
    • Joe Zahn – Director CashWiz Holdings – Introduction of a Pawnbroker Lending Platform, Ecommerce capabilities for your Pawn Business and more.

    Folks there are also numerous other speakers and other topics being presented. The theme and environment at the Ritz Carlton will allow us to have direct interaction, feedback and communication with all the presenters and to mix and mingle with many other folks in our industry from numerous countries and more.

    We plan to socialize and network on the high level and to elevate ourselves, our businesses and our Industry to a HIGHER LEVEL of STANDARDS!

    For those of you who may share rooms, half price for the second attendee. Remember the fees include (4 nights) at the Ritz Carlton a Five Star hotel, breakfast and lunch all 3 days, with dinner one evening, two cocktail socials and full attendance to all functions.

    Time IS running out, make your reservations TODAY to attend this ONE of KIND HISTORIC EVENT!

    Jerry Whitehead



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