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  • Chris Cartwright: Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops


    Chris K. Cartwright
    Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops
    Abilene, Texas


    “The praising of Jerry Whitehead may become old to some but I have to add my two cents now that he has consulted our company.

    I have been in the pawn business for over 16 years. I have basically self taught myself the business. It may not have been the correct way but was what I thought was for the best. I had gotten to a point of total burnout and had no motivation to continue in the business. I had no clear goals or expectations for our company. I never thought I needed help and figured no one would be willing to help others like I now see they do. I set my stubbornness and narrow sightedness aside and finally joined the National Pawnbrokers Association in March of 2008. I dove into the member’s forum and learned more than I thought was possible from everyone’s ideas and arguments. One thing I kept noticing was all the praise Jerry was getting and decided it was my turn to get a little advice. I emailed Jerry and found out all the details of what I needed to do to get him here. I found out he was booked for quite a few months out. I now know this is due to how really good he is at what he does.

    Jerry came the first week of February and we started right away going over our business from top to bottom. First thing we did was do some dark shopping at all of our locations. To say the least, I was embarrassed at the results. It is amazing what you will learn about your team members that you would have never thought possible. We moved on to a questionnaire Jerry had me fill out that gives him an idea about the way we run our business. He started tweaking the way the business was going to transform into right away. Jerry spent more hours going over every aspect of our company than I ever thought he would. I remember thinking over and over I am DEFINATELY getting my money worth here. The next few days Jerry worked with all team members and observed our daily routines and procedures. Next to the last day, he brought all the team members together for a meeting. The meeting was not only informative but very motivational. The last day Jerry spent with us was going over everything he had learned from observing our business and the direction we could be heading if we put into action the different things he taught us throughout the week. He left me with the ability to plan, organize, and execute goals. He left our team members with such a better understanding of many of the aspects of the business which previously I was afraid to disclose with them. Jerry showed me how not disclosing some aspects of the business was actually hindering the growth of our business.

    It has been two months since Jerry has been gone. Results: February was our company’s largest sales month in 16 years. March was our biggest sales month for the month of March and the biggest loan month for March we have ever seen. Most importantly, I feel motivated, focused, and ready to go at least another 16 years.

    Is Jerry still available to help me? You bet. He is there when needed. He has shown me that he is willing to go above and beyond.

    We are about 40% of the way into getting all the tools into action that Jerry has brought to our company. I can only imagine what will happen once I get everything he taught us going.

    I just want to give Jerry a big West Texas THANK YOU for all you have done for our company. Thanks again for helping me get my desire back. It would be an honor to see you come again and take us to the next level.

    If anyone would like to have any more information about Jerry Whitehead’s consulting, please feel free to contact me. If not, I will see you at the NPA convention in July. I will be one of the ones sitting on the front row of Jerry’s seminar. I guarantee you this will be one of the seminars you will not want to miss.”


    Chris K. Cartwright
    Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops
    Abilene, Texas

    Oh and by the way Jerry, we are still working on clearing the horses out of the warehouse. One step at a time…

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