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  • Compensation And Productivity Programs Motivate Pawn Shop Employees

    PCG Compensation And Productivity Programs Motivate Pawn Shop Employees To Excel

    Compensation and productivity programs may not be something you think much about. However, to achieve success in the pawn industry, you must address your operation’s weaknesses and improve upon them. Not all pawn shops are alike, but they consistently share one problem. The problem is finding, keeping, and motivating good employees. Although this trouble plagues pawn shops everywhere, few know what it takes to beat it.


    Customized Compensation And Productivity Programs

    Here is where the Pawnshop Consulting Group leads the industry. The PCG consultants use a strategy incorporating attractive pay, trackable goals, and predictable outcomes to optimize employee performance. Our PCG consultants work with you to customize and implement compensation and productivity programs to improve morale and employee performance.

    Obtainable Goals

    To avoid a high turnover rate, your staff must have the desire to perform well while at work. That sounds simple. However, employees will not magically start believing in your business and want to be part of it. You can make it happen with a systematic approach to goals, motivation, and performance. We enable you to pay more to those that produce more. That is why our compensation and productivity programs start with obtainable compensation goals for employees.

    Clear Expectations

    We believe that people work best when they know the reward for meeting expectations. With clear goals to achieve to earn precise rewards, employees excel, and that boosts morale. To put it another way, employees with a clear understanding of your expectations typically exceed them. What that means is people work harder, experience more job satisfaction, and develop stronger company loyalty.

    Satisfied Customers

    Once you have a straightforward employee reward and compensation program in place, your staff can participate in a meaningful way. To increase your business’s profitability, you need employees motivated to exceed customer expectations. What we do is help you incentivize employees to do just that-go above and beyond. Customer satisfaction-driven employees, improve customer loyalty and increase the number of loans and layaway and sales transactions.

    Compensation And Productivity Programs Close The Gap

    Poor employee retention indicates a productivity-compensation gap. The gap is a disparity between the work and the reward for it. Employees will not continue in a job where pay does not adequately reward the effort. On the other hand, when compensation exceeds productivity, employees grow complacent, and productivity stagnates. With a PCG customized productivity and compensation program, employee pay reflects the effort they put into their work.

    Proven Benefits

    What can you expect with a PCG productivity and compensation system for your pawnshop in place?

    Motivated Employees

    Your employees need the tools and skills to succeed and a productivity system to motivate them. Rewarding exceptional customer service with better compensation is a win-win-win. Over time, your employees will feel valued. That is important because everyone likes appreciation. What is in it for you? A team of competent individuals motivated to work well together to improve your business.

    Proven Experts

    At PCG, we have been an industry leader in pawnshop consulting worldwide for nearly 20 years. During that time, we have developed fool-proof systems to make any pawn shop successful. Reach out to the PCG consultants today at 954-540-3697. You deserve to have customized solutions for your operation based on our proven-to-work systems.