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  • Crossover EXPO – Cal Gem Labs Presentation – Orlando

    Hello, Fans in Pawn Land!



    The Crossover EXPO is proud to announce one of our newest presentations that will be conducted this year at the EXPO in Orlando.

    Moris Adato – Moris is a long-time client and friend of mine. We have worked together numerous times over the years as Moris is a long time standing fellow pawnbroker, a fellow director, and now heading up Cal Gem Labs as a Graduate Gemologist himself.

    Cal Gem Labs will be doing a presentation on how their services differ and will offer Pawnbrokers bigger returns by having certifications, or CERTS provided on their jewelry related goods.

    URL: calgemlabs.com


    Appraisal/ID Cards -Full Appraisals -Loose Diamond Certification Cards -Full Diamond Certification w/ Plot -Rolex Authentication Cards -Luxury Authentication Cards -Repairs -Refurbishing -Rhodium Plating — Jewelry Cleaning -e-Commerce Photography – 360˚ Marketing Video – Full insurance appraisals – Gem Lot Sorting -Gem Ident

    ID Card Includes: • Stone Identification • Color, Clarity, Cut Grade for Diamonds • Color Photo • Retail Replacement Value • Carat Weight (as setting permits)

    Top Features of Cal Labs:

    • All appraisals by GIA GG’s
    • Fast Turn Around
    • Cost Effective
    • One stop shop for ALL your appraisal needs
    • Tools provided to help you sell – IE: Appraisal cards, web-ready photos, 360-degree marketing video’s ready for online applications
    • Services start at just $31

    Why choose Cal Gem Labs?

    When you are looking to appraise the jewelry that comes into your pawn shop, you need a fast, reliable and efficient service. You need a transparent certification process, that will build trust among your customers, and empower you during negotiations.

    Moris Adato, a GIA Graduate Gemologist, and third-generation pawnbroker knew this. He was acutely aware of the gains a well-appraised gem could bring to his day-by-day sales, and of the value of a trusted certification when negotiating with jewelry and diamond buyers.

    Cal Gem Labs brings fast, affordable authentication and certification services to the pawn and jewelry industry.

    Based in San Diego, our proximity to the GIA school and headquarters has enabled us to attract some of the most talented GIA graduates to our team in America (the weather doesn’t hurt, either!)

    Some of the benefits of working with Cal Gem Labs:

    – GIA standards in authentication and certification
    – Experienced GIA graduate gemologists at your service
    – State-of-the-art grading lab equipped with a Sarine System and Smart Pro synthetic diamond tester
    – Fast turnaround. Get 10% of your entire order if it is not returned within 14 business days
    – Affordable certifications

    Have you ever?

    • Realized you left money on the table after a sale, because you didn’t know the actual value of your jewelry, diamonds, and precious stones?
    · Been taken advantage of by unscrupulous jewelry buyers who know what they are looking at… when you don’t?
    · Wanted to arm your sales-associates with tools that help them improve their margins?
    · Wanted to prove the value of your goods for your customers through an impartial third party?
    · Needed a sales add-on to motivate customers to buy from you?
    · Found that your staff hasn’t been pricing the merchandise correctly?
    · Considered hiring an in-house gemologist, but don’t want to incur in the cost of another employee?

    These are all common occurrences for pawnbrokers across America. Cal Gem Labs was created to helping members of the pawn industry fight these hurdles.

    From appraising that baggie of loose stones that’s been gathering dust in your drawer, to authenticating the promising-looking diamond that came into your pawn shop, we’ll help you find money.

    Pawn shops which have used our services have reported an increase of profit margins of 15-20% when a certificate of Cal Gem Labs is involved.
    With every appraisal, you will receive an elegant PVC card containing the items’ specs and a picture, as recorded by our team of GIA gemologists. This card makes a fantastic selling tool and legitimates your merchandise.

    Crossover EXPO is coming up September 28th – Oct 1st at the Gaylord Palms Resort again this year in Orlando.

    Come see what all the buzz is about, PCG, the Florida Pawnbrokers Association, our sponsors, and our industry look forward to seeing you all in Orlando this fall for one of the best regional Pawn shows held anywhere in the world today!!

    You can register directly right off our website:


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