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  • Demand for Acquisition of Pawn Shops

    To our Friends and Family in the Pawn Industry:

    Pawnshop Acquisitions

    Despite all that has happened in 2020 with COVID-19 and more, there is a developing appetite to acquire stores in various markets around the world today and in particular the USA.

    PCG has been involved with a number of acquisition opportunities this year in the USA and it seems the demand for them is moving up in this uncertain world in which we live.

    PCG has been involved with the acquisition and sale of more than 250 stores in the past 35 years and this has been an area of our combined specializations with PCG and our affiliate PawnTrain.

    Acquisitions in Demand

    We have several opportunities in the works currently and are looking for more.

    AS part of our process, having an expert valuation for your business prepared by our team assists with translating the opportunities we are presented with to a growing number of very WELL qualified buyers out there.

    IN times of recent there have been many who have inquired about going down this path – as part of that process we are proficient in helping to build value into almost every opportunity we are presented with.

    Valuation Language

    We speak the valuation and financial language willing buyers Will pay attention to.

    2020 posed great complications and stresses on many, and 2021 and the coming years are going to be very uncertain as to where our industry may be heading in the USA and the world in general.

    Now may be one of the most opportune times in recent history to explore your options with your business today.

    It costs nothing to have the discussion, so feel free to contact us directly to see if we may be able to assist you with the next biggest decision in your business world.

    PCG and PawnTrain service clients on a world-wide basis and combined together bring decades of operational experiences to the Pawn Industry today.


    If you would like to explore a wide range of operational support services, we can assist with this as well. We have close to 200 levels of high-level, industry specific training we offer today via online and in store.

    Our multi-level, multi-unit training and support systems are unmatched in the Pawn Industry today!

    Financial Metrics, compensation and bonus systems, entry level to advanced level pawnbroker and management training, specialty marketing programs, digital and software support training, multi-unit and multi-store management training, and so much more.

    See what hundreds of our clients around the world have to say today about our expertise and give us a try. We have pricing programs that are very affordable and can fit ANY budget.

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC.


    Alan Nelson