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  • Executive Leadership Camp Series Updates

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    I am happy to report how a number of activities are going for Pawn Shop Consulting Group and our continued plans to further educate and stimulate the Pawn Industry as we know it today.

    For starters, we have our next Executive Leadership Camp IV currently underway. This camp like the last 3 will be held in Orlando Florida from July 8th – 10th.

    We have selected the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport location once again for our next upcoming camp.

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group is producing the Executive Leadership Camp series in conjunction with John Thedford and David Johns. John was the founding CEO of Value Pawn, one of the most successful multi-unit pawn chains in recent history along with his founding partner David Johns. David was the former Human Resource Director for Cash America, Sears & Roebuck along with Value Pawn and LaFamilia pawn most recently and has a background in Industrial Psychology.

    Our camps are designed to fully engage our participants in active feedback and discussion through interactive forums. Each of our presenters creates an environment that is centered on actively engaging our participants.

    All boundaries of the business world and specifically the Pawn world are explored at these Leadership Camps, along with our “Book Camp” portion of these events. The Book Reviews at the camps are a series of authors and books that Mr. Thedford and Mr. Johns utilized to build an award winning organization that focused on “Bench Strengths” and the “Human Capital” necessities required to run highly successful organizations.

    Each attendee of our book camps participates in chapter summaries and presents their views on how they could apply the knowledge gained into their operational worlds and their lives.

    PCG has also teamed up with Mr. Brad Huisken, the founder of IAS Training and is also one of the world’s leading educators on high-level team engagement and productivity. Brad has a variety of high-level educational programs along with his new highly acclaimed “Pawnbroker Certification Program” that he has been sharing with us in our ongoing series. The camps present a wonderful opportunity to interact with one of the industry’s most informed trainers today.

    You may visit Brad’s web site @ www.iastraining.com

    Camp IV will have the following topics up for our educational pieces:

    * Human Resource Metrics – John Thedford

    * Interviewing Techniques to Select Talent – An interactive presentation with Role Playing Interviews – David Johns

    * What’s driving the Industry Today Globally – Jerry Whitehead

    * Pawnbroker Attributes for Certification Processes – Brad Huisken

    * Return on Investment Concepts – how technology plays a role

    * Book Camp Portion – “Winning” by Jack Welch – John Thedford- David Johns

    There are 7 books in this series and Pawn Shop Consulting Group along with Mr. Thedford and Mr. Johns and Mr. Huisken have 3 more camps to do this year.

    Most recently we featured the book that John Thedford authored entitled “Smart Moves” a compilation of the award winning techniques they utilized to create their highly successful organizations.

    The dates for the remaining camps for the year are as follows:

    Each of our camps presents completely different material presented per requests from our attendees along with topics that we feel are important in the operational worlds of our businesses.

    Fees for our events include the rooms, all meals and full attendance to our functions.

    Pricing runs $2450 per head with a room and full attendance and $2250 for those staying off property or sharing rooms.

    These events do fill up quickly, we are encouraging any of you wishing to attend the next ground breaking programs that Pawn Shop Consulting Group is rolling out, please contact us directly to get on the lists. We do preregister for our other events as well for any of you considering going to a future event.

    Remember – You help to support your industry and the Pawn Shop Consulting Group to continue to deliver up these world class programs through your continued support of our events.

    You may contact us directly @


    Jerry Whitehead @ 954-540-3697

    Respectfully –

    Jerry Whitehead

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