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  • Former Human Resource Director for Cash America – David Johns joins PCG Family of Consultants

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    It give me great pleasure to formally announce that David Johns has officially joined the Pawn Shop Consulting Group’s exclusive list of Consultants and is providing a very high level of Human Resource expertise to our growing Global Community.

    Mr. Johns has had an extensive history in our industry and in the Human Resources area for most all of his professional adult life. He was the former HR director for Sears & Roebuck for more than 20 years, he was director of Human Resources for Cash America for more than 5 years, was one of the founding principles along with John Thedford of the highly successful Value Pawn chain based out of Florida and today’ provides a wide array of consulting services in the Human Resources arena to many organizations as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the National Pawnbrokers Association.

    David Johns IS considered to be on the of THE Leading Experts in his field today and specifically in the Pawn Industry.

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group is extremely fortunate to have Mr. Johns join our team and we have been keeping him very busy with our growing global community since his arrival.

    Recently David has returned from Aruba where he worked with one of our clients, Mr. Boris Cybul who now employees more than 120 people in his country with his growing rent to own business and his island dominant chain of pawn shops. Boris recently commented that he learned more in one week working directly with David about his Human Assets than he has in his past 12 years of owing and operating his growing business, all along while seeking the best information resources he could in the world today.

    David is off to Fayetteville North Carolina next to work with Melanie Keefe up with Parker Pawn, followed by Dicks’ Pawn in Myrtle Beach, followed by Douglas Braswell with Braswell & Sons in Little Rock Arkansas, then Bruce Harris with AOK Pawn up in Wichita Kansas, then Bob Moulton with National Pawn in RDU NC and the list just goes on and on.

    Our clients that have had the opportunity to work with David and work with him at a variety of our events such as our Executive Leadership Camps or our International Pawn Symposium continue to rave about his intellect, input and real world experiences in applying proven methodologies into the Human Capital applications of our businesses.

    PCG like Mr. Johns believes that our Human Capital IS our most important resource on the planet today!

    IN our Human Resource client engagements, here is the initial format utilized to begin the assessment processes along with steps involved:

    Human Resources Consulting Project Description

    (A review of the human capital of a business.)



    The most important component of successful businesses is the human capital employed in the day-to-day operation of these businesses. Numerous studies conducted by a plethora of prominent researchers from a wide range of academic and professional disciplines unanimously conclude that the single and most prevalent defining factor found in successful businesses is the ability of management to properly select and train team members for the entity.

    There is an additional and crucial responsibility of management after properly selecting the best talent available noted in all the studies referenced above. That responsibility is to utilize work teams to maximum levels of productivity while constantly monitoring the ability of the entity to attract and retain top producers.

    Finally, the referenced studies point to the fact that successful businesses also know how to replace under performers in a manner that does not disrupt the profitability of the business entity. This is often a misunderstood accountability that is clearly on the shoulders of management.


    Consulting provided by David Johns, representing Pawn Shop Consulting Group considers the critical areas pointed out above and evaluates whether or not the client entity has the necessary talent in place to reach profit goals. Following is a broad outline of what typically takes place during the course of a weekly consult:

    v Evaluate the current productivity level of all those assigned to work groups (stores/departments).

    v Review TTS or similar results where available. (TTS) Thurstone Temperament Schedule – Defines Personality Traits

    v Tie TTS or similar results to assessments based on interviews with each supervisor/manager in the organization. (NOTE: Each face-to-face interview of supervisors/managers often lasts from thirty to forty-five minutes.)

    v Set up an employee evaluation method to insure individual team member productivity to reach profit goals or replacement of incumbents.

    v Review recruiting and selection process for all new hires.

    v Review current motivational activities centered around employees/work groups.

    v Make recommendations for new and different commission/bonus/contest winner plans where appropriate.

    v Conduct one or more power point presentations (selected by management/owners) for management. A list of available power point presentations is provided by PCG prior to the consult visit.

    The consult can be adjusted to the satisfaction of the client to include other reviews and evaluations as needed. The above list is broad and covers a wide range of operational procedures centered around human resources considerations; all designed to improve the use of human capital to improve profits of the business.


    Following the consult a report will be provided management/owners that outlines consult results along with suggested changes, etc. NOTE: If the consult is for a period of less than one week (five working days), the above list will be adjusted to the satisfaction of management/owners.

    A list of the documents/data required to complete the consult is provided the week prior to the consult visit.

    PCG and David have found that proper team selections and motivations for them along with guidance are three of the most important aspects of having a good team and establishing solid results in the operational world. If you would like to find out how you could put the missing pieces together in your Human Capital areas of your business, feel free to contact us directly and we would be glad to discuss the steps necessary to help you and your business establish “World Class” service in the organization.

    Many of you have seen David recently at our Executive Leadership Camps in Orlando, here is the remaining schedule this year for the next 5 Camps we are hosting and ALL of these would provide anyone the opportunity to listen to, work with and network with some of the most informed individuals in their respective fields today anywhere in the world. These camps are limited in participation size to allow maximization of the attendees feedback and involvement in our workshops. None of which have been offered in the Pawn Industry before.

    Spaces are extremely limited to these events and sell out quickly.

    We encourage all interested parties to get on the list(s) as quickly as possible.

    David Johns along with a HOST of other highly acclaimed individuals will also be presenting and working with our attendees this year at our upcoming 2012 International Pawn Symposium & Conference that will be held this September at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown in the Cayman Islands. Like last year, this will be a “Top Shelf” event with limited participation available. Our event is more than halfway sold out currently as of date of this newsletter/blog, if you would like more information on this event, please visit us at:


    Pawn Shop Consulting Group is in a very unique situation to provide introspect into our industry from a global basis today. We service more than 450+ clients in 37 countries around the world and as such can offer a very wide array of subject matter at each of our Leadership Camps. Each camp has a series of different topics to present per requests from each of the camps themselves along with topics that we feel are important in the operational worlds of our businesses.

    You may visit our website “Blogs” area to find all the details of the camps, fees, registration information and more.

    We at PCG have found that in today’s constantly changing business environments, you have have to stay focused and informed to stay ahead of the game. There are those that do nothing, those that watch and those who are actively engaged in improving their businesses and their lives, where are you at?

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.








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