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  • International Pawn Symposium IS Here!

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    I am proud to announce that I am officially out of here heading to Naples Florida to set up and begin the process to produce the worlds first International Pawn Symposium and Conference.

    Our event is going down next week at the Ritz Carlton hotel on the beach in Naples and will be running from Monday the 12th thru the 15th.

    This event has been sold out for months and we have attendees coming from around the world from more than a dozen countries.

    The Symposium and its concepts have been part of a life dream that I have had for a very long time. Our goals are multi-faceted, but they are primarily to lay the ground work for creating a truly open platform to communicate and network with folks in our industry from around the world.

    We will also be launching our full concepts for the industry’s FIRST FOCUS GROUPS. These will be high level focus groups that will take select members in non-competing geographical areas and offer clinic environments in which to share all relative business knowledge and data. These groups are specialized in their nature and will be divided up into levels from single store operators, to multi-store and or multi-national groups and also by revenue levels. This is so that each member of each focus group will be with like minded individuals and business operators. The groups themselves will specialize on certain topics each time they gather once a year and they will also elect which store members stores to visit once a year as well to critique their operations live. 

    The Focus Groups promise to revolutionize our industry in ways that have never been tempted before. Stay tuned!

    We are creating a host of International Conferences and may very well be on our way to creating the industry’s FIRST TRUE INTERNATIONAL PAWN ASSOCIATION. The plans for next years Conference is already in the works and we have targeted the Cayman Islands for our next round. There are a number of reasons for this destination that we will elaborate more on later!

    Folks, I am out of here, we will be updating our Facebook and Social media sights as we gather up some material on the other end, we will also be releasing a complete set of DVD’s that will be for sale on our site once we get them all edited and developed.

    Stay tuned, the Industry IS on fire !!


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.








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