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  • Major Role of Consulting in the Pawn Shop Industry

    Pawnshop businesses have been in existence for centuries and are still in action to date. A lot of pawnshop owners and customers have benefited from this Industry throughout history. One major benefit in times of recent is the consultingservices that some pawn experts offer for growth in the pawn industry.

    A team of qualified pawn consultants can offer the most comprehensive pawnshop consulting packages, as well as services that can be used individually for your convenience. Social distancing is not a barrier, as online consultancy platforms are designed to give you the best of service. Here are other major roles of consultants in the pawnshop Industry.

    pawn consultants

    #1. Human Resource Consultation

    Many pawnshop owners find they need assistance with Human Resources, whether it is hiring support, staff retention and attraction, or providing employee benefits, training, development, employee handbook creation, or organizational structuring. The pawnshop consulting group can help in each of the areas of your business.

    Jerry Whitehead, a pawnshop and financial consulting professional, provides high-level consulting services providing management oversight, benchmarking key performance indicators, structuring high level compensation and productivity systems, providing advanced online and inline store training, as well as capitalization and many other services.


    #2. Staff Training

    pawn shop business typically needs multiple requirements to grow efficiently and profitably, much of that includes high level training. Training for pawnbrokers or pawnshop owners assists teams to be the best they can be in all areas of the operations.  The consultation services that Pawnshop Consulting Group along with PawnTrainprovide hundreds of aspects of training that also provides multi-level certifications and so much more to develop the best of the best in the Pawn Industry today. Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain have conducted over 1500 online, one on one training programs since April of 2021 and growing, see what hundreds have already experienced today in the next generation of online, one on one training has to offer.


    Jerry Whitehead and other groups of professional consultants have worked hard to create opportunities for pawnbrokers to come together and interact. With the industries only pawn peer focus groups, our famed pawn summit, our international Pawn Symposiums in the Cayman Islands, and our Crossover Expo series of high level educational trade shows we have produced have changed the perspective on how pawnshop owners learn and connect and has provided more options to a constrained industry for knowledge and access.


    #3. Commission and Bonus Structures

    The Pawnshop Consulting Group helps pawnshop businesses enhance profitability and productivity and ultimately become more successful by guiding them to creating completely customized productivity commission for SLA’s and net line bonus plans for their management teams. A solid performance-based series of commission plans for our industry in general assists pawn businesses in obtaining measurable employee performance that will provide operators with more profit. These plans in our opinion are necessary for your business and are included in our typical consulting service packages.



    Are you struggling with your pawnshop business or possess the time for finding the best talent and retaining them? Just know that Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain are in your corner. See what hundreds of clients around the world have already experienced with working with pawn experts and consultants like Jerry Whitehead, Alan Nelson, and Kevin Nawotka, our consulting team at Pawnshop Consulting Group.