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  • Managing Change Development Camp – Part V – November 26th – 28th

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    Managing Change & Leadership Development – Part V – November 26th – 28th

    I believe that all of us can conclude the current environment that many of us operate under here in the USA and many parts of the world we do business in around us is rapidly changing.

    As an industry we have had to contend with the surge of the gold boom followed by the surge of the gold buying industries and much more. Today many of us are reporting downturns in our gold production along with other competitors moving into the space of dealing in preowned musical instruments and equipment, video and electronic equipment, games, game systems, buy sell shops, federal charters for public companies, government regulations, consumer protection activities, more aggressive competition, predatory lenders and the list goes on and on.

    PCG along with our collaboration with the award winning founding team from Value Financial Services out of Florida – LaFamilia – and now Premier Financial – John Thedford and David Johns along with Brad Huisken from IAS Training are continuously working to bring best of class operational behaviors and productivity programs with proven business tactics to operators at any level today.

    Dates for Camp V

    I am proud to announce that we have the final dates of 2012 for our last of this 5 part series we have been conducting all year long. Due to scheduling difficulties for the October camp  we had to move our dates further out in November. November 26th – 28th 2012

    We will be hosting the event again at the Hyatt Regency Airport location in Orlando Florida. The 26th will be the fly in date, followed by the two days of the conference itself.

    Tentative Agenda and Topic Matters

    The Book Portion of this Camp will be done by John Thedford – The book is entitled – The Effective Executive (The Definitive Guide to Getting the Right Things Done) by Peter Drucker. The review will be conducted by John Thedford and will cover a number of key elements essential to the success of any business.

    John will discuss four main topics from the book: (1) – The difference between management and leadership and how the two can be effective when used together to motivate and lead work groups. (2) – How does an effective manager of people spend their time? Or, how should they spend their time? (3) What are the current contributions by each member of management, and what will their future contributions be like? (4) Being a good listener to gain access to the best thoughts and ideas by the management team.

    John will provide significant insights from his own background and experiences establishing and leading two of the country’s top performing multi-unit pawn shop operations.

    John’s Presentation on Culture:

    This presentation is unique as it provides a clear and easy to understand description of a business or corporate culture and how that culture can make or break a business entity. John will spend time looking at how a business culture governs how the leaders, managers and team members of a business think, feel and act and why these facts alone, will determine the success of failure of a business.

    David John’s Presentation on The Manager’s Circle:

    There are many ways to make money in the pawn business. However, the easiest and most effective way is often overlooked by owners who look for short cuts to financial success. David will discuss the key elements of the Manager’s Circle concept and how those elements will guarantee financial success. In particular, he will discuss ways to move a mediocre shop regarding financial performance to world class status without spending more money on payroll or bells and whistles. The overall impact of this presentation will amaze even the most experienced pawnbroker. David’s presentation is based on factual performance considerations, not anecdotal ideas or thoughts.

    PCG – Jerry Whitehead Presentation – Today’s pawn environment will be explored on the national and international levels. We will be comparing the trends in various sectors of our businesses such as loan growth, loan yields, forfeiture rates and comparisons, inventory trends, exploration of the falling gold markets, more aggressive competition in many areas of our businesses, global trends, global and industry outlook and much more. Many of you know that I service hundreds of clients around the world today and am up-close and upfront to the live trends we have been monitoring for many years. Come explore how creativity of thinking and actions in the operations leads to continuous productivity growth and opportunities.

    Brad Huisken – IAS Training – Providing us an up-close and upfront examination of proven steps to increase the productivity levels and actions of the line level personnel and much more. This will be an exclusive piece Brad will be doing for this group and as many of you know in Pawnland – Brad is a walking Plethora of life experience with engaged training programs. This is a must see piece from Brad, particularly in the changing environments in which we all operate today.

    Our workshops engage ALL of our participants in active feedback sessions to witness the diverse views of all our attendees from the around the country and around the world today.

    Event pricing includes 3 nights at the targeted hotel property, all the meals and session breakouts included, two full days of workshops with the masters and participation in all of the functions themselves.

    Package pricing for the events are running at $2450 per head, $2250 for any additional attendees sharing room or staying off property.

    Because of the active feedback nature and attendee participation required at the functions, space IS extremely limited.

    We are recommending that you RSVP ASAP if you’re interested!

    PCG and this collaboration of proven industry professionals will continue to deliver up this series in 2013. We are planning on doing 4 sessions in 2013 and in a broader spectrum of markets.

    We are considering Orlando, Atlanta, San Francisco/Los Angeles at this time. Tentative dates we have up for 2013 are as follows:

    • Camp I – February 20th – 22nd – Location Orlando Hyatt Regency
    • Camp II – May 15th – 17th – Location TBD – Atlanta possibly
    • Camp III – August 21st – 23rd – Location TBD – San Francisco/Los Angeles
    • Camp IV – November 6th – 8th – Location – Orlando Hyatt Regency

    We at PCG are proud to continue to deliver up best of class programs and services. We will be blogging soon about our next annual Pawn Symposium & Conference, we have something really special coming up in this regard.

    Get your name on the lists ASAP for the camps, these events do fill up.


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.








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