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    Marko Evans
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing
    CompuPawn Software-Vertical Computer Systems, Inc.
    NPA Board of Directors
    NPA Communications Chair
    FPA Board of Directors
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    Vice President, Sales & Marketing CompuPawn Software-Vertical Computer Systems, Inc.

    “As a software provider to our industry, we sometimes have the privilege of recommending other excellent vendors to potential clients/buyers. I would encourage all members to develop strategic referrals with people that you are confident that they will provide exceptional service.  This referral may be another pawnshop, an insurance agent, a jeweler or a printer.  Depending on the situation, software may be the “first” decision after licensing and store selection or a decision that takes many years. I wanted to take a moment to discuss a particular vendor and how good he will make you look if you refer his services.

    Most recently, I had the pleasure of recommending Jerry Whitehead from Pawnshop Consulting Group to an existing customer who had only amazing things to say about his knowledge, follow-up, professional advice and results. Plain and simple, Jerry will make you look good. His selflessness leadership and the level of information he provides and shares is simply amazing.

    Our Association and Membership benefits with every response he sends on the Forum. If you are looking to improve your business and don’t know quite how to do it, please consider calling Jerry Whitehead about your own business or recommend him to someone that could utilize his services and make their business more profitable.

    As my client stated: “He assisted us on all facets of our business… Improving the store look and feel, staff training, future vision, an exit strategy, my internal systems and many other aspects of my business improved as a direct result of his guidance”.

    When Jerry is onsite, he made me feel like I could open another 10 stores with the systems that he implements and puts into place. Quite simply, if I could hire him permanently, I would, but he said no.”

    Jerry- Thanks for doing what you do great job and thanks for making all of us look good and helping us to be better business people.

    Best Regards,
    Marko Evans

    Feel FREE to Contact ANY of our Clients listed we pretty much let them speak for us, we are THE choice in Professional Pawnshop Consulting Services!

    For More information Contact:
    Jerry Whitehead