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    Pawn Consulting Online & More

    Our pawn consulting services give you the tools and support to succeed. Much of the pawn industry lags in technology and continues to suffer the consequences. Who is staying in business, growing, and thriving? The pawnbrokers who are willing to adapt to innovations and practices are winning. The early adopters will pull ahead of the pack and buck the trend of pawn store closures.

    Our pawn consulting programs and services delivers the tools and support you need. Much of the pawn industry is still lagging in technology and suffering the consequences. Are you ready to act? We are here to help. Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC., has various pawn consulting programs to take your pawn business from done to number one. Our veteran pawn shop consultants think outside of the box to succeed today.

    pawn-consulting Virtual Pawn Consulting, Education and Training

    The Pawnshop Consulting Group and our affiliate PawnTrain offer consulting, education, and training online. Pawn consulting via Zoom and other online platforms is affordable and awesome. Now there is an even more convenient, effective method for your consulting and training needs. When in-person training goes virtual, it is easy to get in-depth training on your ideal schedule. Finally, the support to take your pawn business to the top is ready when you are.

    We have over 180 high-level training sessions for the pawn industry. All sessions are virtual via easy-to-use online platforms. You pick the training that meets your goals and the time slot in your schedule. We present the material and provide the training. Along the way, you get one-on-one oversight walking you through the process step-by-step. This attention is necessary as you receive various levels of training and complete certifications.

    Customized Pawn Consulting for Everyone

    At PCG, we have consultants specializing in different areas, so you have a comprehensive team of experts at your fingertips. Whether you are looking for loan-yield improvements or market expansion, we have the pawn consultants to make it happen. Here is a list of some of our programs, systems, and services.

    Valuation, Merger, and Acquisition Services

    Are you ready to make your first pawn shop purchase? Is it time to expand your market share? Whether you have a shop or a thousand of them, we are the leaders in pawn shop valuation, mergers, and acquisitions. Involved in over 250 sales and acquisitions since 2001, when we started. Our knowledge and experience are beyond reproach. Read more

    Professional Recruitment Programs

    We help you find the right people to help you run your business. Starting as a one-person operation is one way to do it. But you cannot expand and profit from being a lone wolf pawnbroker. Our professional recruitment team helps you find candidates, interview them, onboard them, and train them. It is the best way to get the people you need. Read more

    Operational Pawn Consulting Systems

    When you are looking to update your operations, we can help you reach your goals. We have comprehensive store startup packages from an individual location to multi-level operations. This includes mentoring and development services for your leadership team as well as your sales and supports staff. Read more

    Focus Groups, Symposiums, Summits, and Trade Shows

    It was common for pawn shop owners to run their business in a vacuum in the old days. Away from other pawnbrokers without sharing ideas, best practices, or advice, in complete isolation. Now, there are several ways you can connect and network with other industry leaders, professionals, and owners. Read more

    Compensation and Productivity Programs

    We help you with everything from evaluating your personnel to creating customized compensation packages. When it comes to your human resources, we have you covered. We even develop training programs, so your staff stays sharp. Keep your team at the forefront of pawn shop operation, customer service, and industry advancements. Read more

    Asset Performance Evaluations

    Pawn Store Setup Consulting

    Store Level Performance Measures

    Pawn Security Consulting

    Performance and Compensation Programs

    Seasonal Rotation Implementation

    Retailing Formats

    Website Design and SEO Analysis

    Social Media Integration

    Pawn Shop Merchandising Best Practices

    Mystery Shopping Programs

    Pawn Marketing Strategies

    Inventory Acquisition of Relinquishment

    Pawn Industry Market Analysis

    Information Systems Technology Assistance

    Human Resources Protocols

    Disaster Recovery

    Detailed Forensic Auditing

    Pawn Shop Design Concepts

    Virtual Pawn Training and Support

    Easily customize virtual training products and services to meet your needs and budget. This revolutionary approach to pawn industry training lets you work at your pace. And access customized education to fast-track success. We have transformed our services. Instantly access instruction and support for you and your team through our 100% virtual online training programs. Our new online format means you can learn and earn essential certifications at a pace that works for you. Let us customize our virtual training and consultation combinations to meet your needs. This is the most convenient and affordable way to ensure your pawn business’s success.

    Pawn Consulting You Can Trust

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group is here to save the day. We take pawn business consulting very seriously. At PCG, we have been an industry leader in pawn shop consulting worldwide for over 20 years. During that time, we have developed fool-proof systems to make any pawn shop successful. Join us and PawnTrain for virtual pawn consulting services and more. Reach out to the PCG consultants today at 954-540-3697.