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  • Pawn Shop Business Valuation

    Why have a Pawn Shop Business Valuation?


    For years, PCG has been involved in the Mergers & Acquisitions side of our industry. As a result, a big part of this endeavor has to do with properly valuating businesses and compiling a deep analysis of the stores data, some basic market analysis, and much more.


    Purposes for Valuations could Include:


    PCG has represented many clients over the years for a range of necessities that include partnership dissolution’s, family disputes, trust and estate necessities, enhancing banking credibility, potential sale of the businesses and related assets, good knowledge to know what your business is worth, and last but not least – how well it is performing.


    Biggest Industry Weakness Continues to be Lack of Knowledge of the Financial Metrics


    Many of the clients PCG has had the privilege to work with over the past two decades have a very common thread – many of them have a genuine lack of knowledge of the true performance of their stores, and what key metrics they should actually be focused on along with how they affect them, and how to properly navigate the metrics to yield them into higher income producing equations for the businesses and their owners.


    Non – PCG Clients, Valuations a good place to start


    For those who are not active clients, preparing a formal valuation opinion is a good place to start. PCG carefully compiles all of the financial data that we request and build a customized industry standardized Pro Forma created from decades of analyzing data and statistics.

    These Pro Forma’s illustrate the key metric bench points we analyze and educate our clients on very closely. As we say, it’s not necessarily what you may be looking at, but more importantly how do you interpret the results, and where can we go from there.


    PCG’s Long History in Pawn Data Performance Analysis


    PCG has been compiling very specific Pawn Data for close to 4 decades from being active in the industry for a very long time. We have 100’s of reference models to look at in some 40 states in the USA and 45+ countries globally.

    Compilation of massive amounts of data allows us to have an up to the moment understanding of how the industry is trending, and more importantly, how your business is trending today in your specific marketplace.

    AS one of our mentor’s recently indicated and PCG has been saying for many years, Mr. Yigal Adato stated,

    “So many in this industry are so frugal or cheap with making worth while investments and commitments into their businesses that could easily end up making them or saving them 10’s of thousands of dollars in many cases”.

    What are you waiting for?

    Contact PCG today to find out how you can get started, we are here to serve YOU!!

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, LLC.