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Pawn Shop Compensation and Productivity Consulting Cultivates Teamwork

Pawn Shop Compensation and Productivity Consulting Cultivates Teamwork

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Pawn Shop Compensation and Productivity consulting services cultivate the team you need to succeed. At the Pawn Shop Consulting Group(PSCG), we provide consulting for every aspect of your pawn business. Unlike some consulting services, we not only provide the strategies we employ the solutions. Our systems are data driven. The results are measurable and predictable, so ROI is crystal clear. PSCG pawn shop compensation productivity consulting ensure you have the right number of employees doing the right jobs for the right pay.

Pawn Shop Compensation and Productivity Consulting

Pawnbrokers run pawn operations. With our consultants, you can run your business while we fine-tune your staff. Pawn Shop Compensation and Productivity Consultants study statistics create employee retention programs and develop customized compensation plans. We research industry trends and put profitable compensation plans in place for you. PSCG Pawn Shop Compensation and Productivity Consultants ensure you have the right number of employees doing the right jobs for the right pay.

Pawn Shop Employees Need Tools and Training

Your Pawn Shop is only as good as your worst employee. The problem is that most pawn operations have difficulty finding and keeping the best and brightest. There are problems with high turnover everywhere. What can you do to cultivate a staff of employees that strive to improve your business? First, you must provide your employees with the tools they need to do their jobs. Employees also need proper training to use their tools effectively. So, supply adequate training.

  • What tools do pawn shop employees need?
  • Why do employees need tool training to be effective?
  • Are deploying tools and training part of PCG consulting services?
  • Will I need to update our shop computer system?

Pawn Shop Compensation and Productivity Systems Provide Motivation

With the tools and skills in place, employees need a productivity system to motivate them. Motivating employees is where most pawnbrokers drop the ball. Inspiring employees to be more productive measurably and predictably is no easy task. Lucky for you, PSCG has put in years working with countless pawn employees from different operations worldwide. Our compensation and productivity systems are not theoretical. These are functional systems that do the job in real scenarios.

  • What is a productivity system?
  • How does a productivity system work?
  • What does a productivity system entail?
  • How do you customize a productivity system?

Pawn Shop Compensation and Productivity System Results

What happens when PSCG Compensation and Productivity Systems are in place in a pawn business? The positive benefits are enormous. Measurable, predictable results include lower employee turnover, better employee retention, and recruiting cost reductions. Employees stay with your organization longer. Compensation rewards employee actions that meet expectations to propel your business forward.

  • How do you measure results?
  • Are employee rewards only compensation based?
  • What are employee rewards programs?
  • How do compensation systems reduce recruiting costs?

Compensation and Productivity Systems Spell Out Employee Expectations

Compensation and productivity consultants help pawnbrokers let employees know what they expect. Pawn Shop employees that know what you expect work harder and stay longer. Thereby increasing job satisfaction, which improves company loyalty and reduces turnover. In turn, productivity and sales improve.

  • Why is rewarding excellent customer service important?
  • How do I know what to expect from my employees?
  • Is goal-setting part of the employee expectation process?
  • How can I let employees know what I expect?

Consultants Expertly Connect Productivity, Compensation, And Commission

When you partner with PSCG, our consultants create compensation, productivity, and commission programs for your pawn business. Programs custom-built for your employees and leadership. Finally, you can be sure that employee pay is a function of productivity. Developing your system involves prosperous wages, measurable goals, predictable outcomes, targeted aims, obtainable goals, and desirable rewards.

  • What is a commission system?
  • Why do I need a compensation program and a commission system?
  • How do these systems motivate pawn business employees?
  • What if I already pay my employees by the hour?

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