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    Pawn Shop Consulting

    Hello Folks,

    As many of our followers have heard through our public speaking opportunities and more, the Industry has changed more in the last 30 years than in the previous 3000 years of its existence.

    Today, change is happening at light speed and the industry is witnessing more store closures than at any other time in known history with the advent of the Internet and countless other options for the consumers today.

    Many of us have been hearing about, and reading some diatribe from other “Self-Professed Consultants” periodically about some magic they claim to possess that is somehow new, revolutionary and exciting.

    In times of recent we have seen some out here bragging about having serviced dozens of clients and may have some great accolades from those experiences. For that, on a personal level, I am happy for them, and as I have said before the Industry on a global level has plenty of room for other TRUE professionals to get involved.

    For those of you who know me on a personal level, know that I DO believe anyone in business should consider having other sets of eyes, and professionals examine your business operations from time to time IS always good medicine.

    ON a personal level, after 45+ years in the Industry, I have witnessed many self-professed consultants come and go.

    As with any potential consultant, a thorough examination of their history along with communicating directly with clients they have serviced remain great places to start. Ask for the references, and more importantly, verify and follow up!

    Since I started down the road and formed the “Pawn Shop Consulting Group” some 15 or so years back, I would have never thought way back then that I would be actively working with clients all over the world, and revere in the types of relationships that PCG has developed over this period of time globally.

    When it comes to credentials, and when it comes to exploring TRUE PAWN CONSULTING, PCG remains to be the true global leader in the space today.

    We have serviced hundreds of clients in more than 40 countries globally and have the experience, references, and testimonials to back it up.

    First’s for the Industry created by PCG would include the following:

    • Industry’s First International Pawn Symposiums• Industry’s only Pawn Peer Focus Groups• Pawn Management Camp Series• Crossover EXPO – Educational Pawn Trade Shows

    It remains our desire to continuously source for the best of the best in business practices, acumen, and resources for our fellow industry members, new and old.

    We have a wide-scale variety of services that we offer that cover every aspect of running and growing your businesses today!

    Unlike others, we custom tailor specific prescriptions for EACH client on an individual basis. There are NO canned, one-stop offerings with us.

    When considering having a consultant come visit your business, remember, references and experience MAKES a tremendous difference no matter what some others may be blasting around on the internet and elsewhere.

    PCG continues to apply ever-changing, real and practical solutions in real time to ANY business model to enhance ALL aspects of the operations.

    See what hundreds of clients around the world today have experienced and enjoy our “Money Back Guarantee” on our services offered.

    Take the plunge and see what a worldwide group of clients has experienced up close and up front, from the industry’s only true “Pawn Shop Consulting Group”

    Jerry WhiteheadPawnshopconsultinggroup@gmail.com954-540-3697