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    From the desk of Jerry Whitehead


    Sunday, February 27, 2011


    Ladies and gentleman ..

    It has been a wonderful road and life that I have been blessed with. I have been blessed with the privilege to serve in an industry most all of my life that has blessed my family and I for many decades. As many of you know I have been out there in the world attempting to change this beloved industry from the inside out for a very long time.

    After a long pause of not being operational, I am once again moving into an operational area that should allow all of collective experiences, ideas, knowledge, skills and know how to once again really flourish for myself and a group of highly respected professionals that I have chosen to partner up with.

    This does not mean the end of the Consulting Group as we know it. In fact, this is the beginning of a new age, a new era and a new beginning for the group itself.

    Over this past decade I have had the opportunity to visit and work with hundreds of operators in multiple countries  all over the world and have not only expanded my sphere of influence and knowledge, but have accumulated many new friends and what I call family members from this extensive journey.

    I am now going to focus on bringing the full frontal view of these relationships into the fold and to continue to benefit this beloved industry I have come to spend my life in.

    The Pawn Shop Consulting Group is working to create the Industry’s first ever “Pawn Symposium” that we are hopeful may become the stepping stones to several other historic events. Mainly, a real group of industry professionals working together thru dialogue, information sharing and highly informative open debate type formats with a live audience of industry professionals to enhance every aspect of OUR businesses directly.

    Once the Symposium has been put into motion, we are hopeful to spin that off into the first ever “International Pawn Conferences” as well. The group has had the privilege of working with many groups from all over the world and we do feel it is more than beyond the time to begin to bring the global pawn community together to also look at the trends, the variations and the very fabric that affects our industry today on a global basis. This in time may morph into something even larger once it begins to take hold.

    We have been invited by Fenacoven, the national association equivalent of our national pawn association in Colombia to perhaps host the first International Pawn Conference in Colombia. This event if it gains enough traction may be targeted for Cartagena Colombia sometime in 2012 if all goes well.

    From the Pawn Symposium that is scheduled for September 12 – 15 in Naples Florida of this year, we hope to spin off the industry’s first full Focus groups. Focus groups will be limited in their size, the number and geographic locations of each member, and will be divided up into levels of annual revenues. Those that do less than 10 mill in annual revs, 10 – 20 million, and those that are 20 million plus.

    The purpose of the Focus groups is to create the industry’s first true tightly net group of like minded industry professionals who would like to key up and on the most important aspects of not only running our business’s but also working to increase and maximize our very potentials as business owners.

    To provide a very intimate format to freely exchange our ideas, information and results to a group of critical like minded thinkers who really do have a desire to improve upon what it is they do.

    These groups will not have any competitors in their respective markets as part of the groups and will begin to stimulate the very core of our business with open and guided dialogue amongst business professionals. This IS truly the next level of successful business entrepreneurship and skill honing with the very best and the brightest minds from within and outside our beloved industry.

    The next level of the focus groups will also be to allow the members to “select” fellow member’s stores to visit and critique live each year as the groups second stage in each annual event period. Thru these live interactions we believe that much more constructive criticisms can be conceived from these visitations along with guided dialogue and wraps ups after each of these visits as well. Comprehensive, you betcha!

    We live in an age of technological advances and must make every effort to “carpe diem” SEIZE THE DAY !!

    We will be submitting some preliminary topic and promotional materials soon for the Symposium as it is developed stay close!

    AS far as PCG, yes, we are moving more into a very hybrid full service type boutique that will be providing a very wide array of services and highly specialized programs to benefit our many clients we have now and the many new ones we hope to continue to attract on a global basis.

    As far as Jerry Whitehead, yes, it is time for me once again to go out and make some history in the pawn business, I have teamed up with some really good folks and we are steadfast on changing the way this industry is perceived and the full scope and depth of services we can provide to enhance it further on a global basis. Much more to follow in that regard!

    My wife and I are just in from the Cayman Islands, I had a fantastic week there with my partners. I had the privilege to meet with the country’s top level law enforcement officials, their Commissioner of the Police, Mr. David Baines and his Co-Commissioner Mr. Stephen Brougham and we have set the wheels in progress to define jurisdictional type law and regulations to assist not only Grand Cayman’s quest to create a fair and balanced way to regulate our type of industry, but also to assist our multi-country roll outs.

    Helping to provide formats to enhance the security and comfort of various government officials and more in a variety of countries regulate not only our beloved industry but those that choose to fly under the radar as well so to speak.

    Stay tuned, there will be a lot more to follow!

    Jerry Whitehead




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