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    Jerry Whitehead

    I find it interesting that the Pawn World is challenged in more ways than it has ever been in it’s 3000+ year existence. AS many of you know, PCG has been in the consulting arena now for close to 20 years and I have personally been in the Pawn world for more than 45 years. To date, we have serviced more than 600 clients in 46 countries around the world today and all across the USA and continue our growth.

    We have produced numerous educational trade-shows, the world’s only “International Pawn Symposiums”, the Industry’s only “Pawn Peer Focus Groups”, our famed Management Camp series and more.

    FACT – PCG has been featured and spoken at more trade shows than all of the other Pawn consultants combined in the Industry today.

    PCG IS the first true Global Pawn Consulting Group and remains to be the Industry leader today. This has even been cited by a number of competitors we have actually helped to create. Our endeavors in green fielding the consulting arena in the Pawn Space has also served to lure others in who seem to think they are the new and greatest know it all’s to ever bless the planet and the Industry.

    There is no cure for good ol’ fashioned rolling your sleeves up and investing the time and the effort from decades of REAL experience to maximize all abilities for clients in today’s ever changing highly competitive environment.

    A very wise man told me long ago, when your competition begins to take cheap-shots and compare most of what they say they are trying to do with not having the true facts and actually creating lies about their perceived competitors progress and results, it’s actually a compliment.

    We should encourage them to keep on doing what their doing, as they may not realize they are actually driving more business to you !!

    I can only say, thank you so much !!

    What a concept right?

    I read something recently from a blogger talking about asking for a “Truce”. It was a good read, and for the like of me, I have no understanding why folks, with no factual basis to their statements insist on taking baseless shots at folks when attempting to better their picture or their story?

    I have shared with my clients for years, this is a NO WIN component or even a strategy that should even remotely be considered for your own business. Encourage folks to seek out your competitors and find who truly is the king of their domain. There is plenty of room in most industry’s for new and innovative, as well as successful and traditional that just continuously evolves through real world experiences.

    I said it a long time ago, the world is a big place, and there is room for almost anyone who wants to play/work within it, especially the Pawn Industry.

    PCG remains the TRUE industry leader in Global Pawn Consulting, we have the facts, the team, the results, and the support to back it up. We do encourage anyone looking to enhance their business model, please by all means, do check around, just know bias is never a winning component EVER.

    See what our clients have to say from around the world today, and why the Pawn Shop Consulting Group and our teams of consultants and support staff and others deliver up world-class service and results !!

    No magic show, no sales pitch, no gimmicks, just results !!

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, LLC.



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