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  • Pawn Shop Summit

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawn Land!!

    I am happy to report that the “Pawn Summit” recently hosted by PCG and BRAVO systems was a huge success in Dallas Texas.

    The format for this event was very similar to PCG’s “International Pawn Symposiums” that we have done in prior years.

    We had a great level of attendance of folks from around the country and others as this group of attendees came to witness, share, learn, and fellowship with many like-minded individuals in a very open group format that was established.

    A number activities were provided at this year’s event along with some great information that we wanted to share a little sampling with our followers:

    • PCG and BRAVO open panel formats allowed for direct inter-action with presenters and audience, allowing for a full-range of open dialogue and discussion to happen on a very wide-range of subject matter < group participation was significant
    • PCG laid-out and introduced our consulting team, their experiences and backgrounds, and opened our session up to Q&A on the many dilemma’s and questions many operators have today in this very complex world of business we are in that is changing very quickly – very intuitive, responsive, and informative
    • Steven Mack – Discussed the ingenuity and dedication it took to build one of the largest and most successful multi-store pawn operations in history, and shared valuable insight and takeaways for our attendees, followed by a lot of Q&A on this decades long creation he was involved in as a master pawnbroker all along while becoming the chief technical developer of PRIMA and BRAVO
    • BRAVO – discussed their 5 – 10 year vision for their platform as well as the industry with their engineers along with Tally and Steve Mack, very eye-opening, highlighting the facts that many store closures are coming as many are failing to adapt to as much useful technology as possible while building brand, and maximum constant exposure on the WWW in every possible way
    • FACT – Online sales are soaring into the stratosphere, while many pawn shops still lag far behind with coupling their inventories onto the WWW in multiple online venues
    • FACT – 52% of the Fortune 500 companies out of business in the last 15 years, coupled with thousands of big box store closures with many more coming

    This is but just a small sampling
    of the many presentations and discussions that were offered up at this year’s Pawn

    Stay tuned, as PCG and BRAVO are working on our next round of dates and will be releasing those soon as we firm our arrangements with our host property.

    We are also archiving and preparing some video material and more from this event that will be released off our upcoming new website currently in development.

    For all of those who did have the opportunity to attend, PCG wants to extend a very big “thank you” for your support and look forward to delivering up world class events just like these for our community and the Industry in general.

    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, LLC.