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  • Pawn Shop Symposium

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawn Land,


    It’s official, PCG is working on bringing back our famed International Pawn Symposium!


    International Pawn Symposium History


    Some years back and after encouragement from one of the trade associations, PCG elected to produce some events unlike anything witnessed in the Pawn Industry.


    PCG Produced 2-International Pawn Symposiums. Round 1 was hosted at the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida in 2011 followed by the Ritz Carlton in the Cayman Islands in 2012.


    Both of these events were over-subscribed and hugely successful. The Cayman’s represented more than 25 countries in attendance and illustrated some of the global reach of PCG’s world-wide client base.


    PCG post the Symposiums produced a series of other events and activities.


    These activities have ranged from our Legendary Pawn Peer Focus Groups which are still in action today, to the Management Camp Series we hosted in Florida, followed by our Crossover EXPO educational trade show series in Florida, to our most recent Pawn Summit event we produced in Texas in 2019 with Bravo Systems.


    Pawn Symposium Format


    The Pawn Symposium Format is different from any other event produced in the world today.


    The last events lined up some of the most notable Pawn and Business Experts in the world in luxurious 5-diamond resorts. This format works to keep our folks together for the ultimate in high-level networking, educational seminars, work-shops, along with other social activities and events with exceptional food and beverages served throughout our entire production.


    People conduct as much business and educational discussion doing the informal activities as the formal ones is what we have witnessed.


    One of our attendees years ago, Chris McCarthy said the flow of knowledge was like “drinking water from a fire-hose”!


    In 2012 Maui was a heavy contender for our event, but we landed on the Cayman Islands as PCG was very active with a group expanding throughout the Caribbean at that time and was best served in that region of the world back then.


    Having personally lived in Maui for a number of years back in the 80’s and  have traveled the world, my opinion is that Maui remains to be one of the most stunning destinations in the world and represents the  best of what Hawaii has to offer in scenery, culture, activities, and true “Aloha” spirit.


    AS we say in Maui, “Maui No Ka Oi”, or translation, Maui is the best!


    5-Diamond Resorts in Maui


    PCG is currently negotiating with several 5-diamond resorts in Maui and once we have our initial contracts negotiated we will begin an early bird registration followed by general registration.


    Much like our event in the Cayman Islands and in Naples, pricing for the event will include the rooms, attendance to all events and activities, all meals and beverage services, along with pre-scheduled Eco-tour services and more with a variety of options of activities to see and do on the Island.


    Maui offers some of the best diving in the world with several Marine Habitats, whale watching, sailing, sport-fishing, golfing, hiking, bike rides up and down Haleakala, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, and so much more. Scenery on the island is unbelievable for those of you who have never been there.


    For a limited group of attendees we are planning on loading up on a bus and go see the one and only, Richard Dan with Maui Loan over in Wailuku? This is where I used to live years ago for our one and only Pawn shop stop on the island, one of PCG’s long time clients and Ohana or family from the Island!!


    Maui is truly the GEM of the Pacific and the best of what Hawaii has to offer, and our event promises to be like nothing seen or witnessed in the pawn world before.


    High-level Educational Event


    The event itself is NOT a trade show. PCG will be featuring a number of our preferred partners that provide high-level products and services to our beloved industry, along with a litany of other Pawn and Business Professionals delivering up world-class take-a ways to benefit the attendees and their businesses for a lifetime.


    PCG will be producing a number of very “high level” seminars that will be providing much useful information and takeaways from our collective experience and history after serving for more than 40 years in the industry today. This coupled with our fellow PCG consultants who will also be delivering some amazing material at this event. Any one of these seminars could benefit business owners for a lifetime.


    The knowledge base and information sharing will be UN-matched anywhere in the world today!


    100% TAX Deductible Business Expense


    Best part is these are business expenses that provide 100% tax-deductions for your businesses and provides attendees with an opportunity to experience Maui and gain useful knowledge and experiences from one of the most exciting events ever produced and beautiful places on earth at the same time.


    Top Shelf History with PCG


    PCG events have a history of being noted as “Top-Shelf” and the Symposium Format is our highest level of educational productions along with venues, educational activities, networking activities, and so much more.


    Limited Participation


    Because of the nature of our activities, participation will be very limited and as with our past Symposium activities these events DO SELL OUT. Once we get our initial contract in place with our host venue in Maui, we will set basic pricing for the event and will offer a one-time limited, early-bird discount admission program.


    Get on the List


    For those of you who have interest in attending this historic event, please email me directly to get your name on the list and you will receive preferential placement as we get our pricing structure and dates in place.


    Stay tuned, the event of this decade is on the way!


    Jerry Whitehead