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  • PCG Announces Trade-show Production for 2016 and Beyond

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    Over the past decade PCG has created a number of educational programs and formats to enhance the capabilities of business owner’s along with management personnel through our active collaboration, and participation along with networking with many colleagues and various providers in the Pawn space today.

    Some of the programs we have created over the years include the following:

    One thing is for sure, PCG has been very blessed with the overall support we have received over the years with our programs. This coupled with the feedback we continue to receive has been overwhelmingly very positive for all of our participants as well as PCG on many levels.

    PCG Educational Trade-show – Orlando Florida 2016

    It is official – Pawn Shop Consulting Group is producing a wide scale trade-show for a group of industries and a wider audience for the first QTR of 2016 in Orlando Florida.

    We have chosen this time frame and this host city as together they provide the least conflict for a number of other regional shows in the USA and internationally along with Orlando providing great access from many points around the world today. 

    It remains our desire to attempt to deliver the most up to date information on beneficial products and services along with constantly sourcing for “best practices” in any aspect of business that we can deliver up.

    From our famed “International Pawn Symposiums” and other educational programs we have produced they have ALL proven that high-level inter-active workshops designed to engage and inform participants is highly effective and beneficial for all.

    The concepts that will be introduced will be to inspire, inform, educate, and engage folks to communicate in open forums in numerous areas of good business practices along with many business options and solutions available today.

    Our format for the shows will limit the number and types of vendors in each category for the show itself. We believe this strategy encourages the very best of the best who wish to participate with our programs along with PCG while offering up a high level of professional conduct and code of ethics to adhere by.

    We will also be utilizing a format for our shows in that it will encompass a wider range of other business models that can share in many of the products, services, and educational seminars being introduced.

    We ALL need to work together to enhance ALL that we do!

    Certainly our beloved Pawn industry will be included along with a variety of other business models that include: buy/sell, secondhand dealers, firearm dealer’s, alternative finance, jewelers, and other retail types of businesses.

    PCG wants to open up our programs for attendance by anyone who has the desire to become informed about their options in the various market places in today’s aggressive business environments.

    One constant holds true today and that is “business is always changing for all of us”.

    This coupled with highly competitive markets along with constant economic and technology changes we believe the necessity for constantly sourcing for new and better ways to enhance profitability is imperative for surviving in today’s competitive business environments.

    For any of you who may wish to “get on the list” either as an attendee or vendor supporter, feel free to contact us directly, much more to follow!

    Stay tuned for more!

    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.