• 900 Egan Way CT., Burleson Texas 76028

  • PCG in Texas March 15th – 31st

    Fans, I am happy to report I will be working with my group from Mexico and the Cash Apoyo Efectivo team based in Toluca , currently they operate more than 65 stores in Mexico and Spain. We are working on establishing their first of several locations in the Houston market in a collaborative effort with them and the Pawnshop Consulting Group.

    This will be their first entry into the United States and we at the Pawnshop Consulting Group are looking forward to our continued successful working relationship and assisting them in these endeavors along with other ongoing projects in Mexico, Spain and South America.

    Friday and Saturday of this week we will be returning once again to the Lake Jackson area of Texas and working with the Garrett family at Tom’s Pawn this week as well. Seems they could not get enough of us back in January so we are having to go back to help then continue fine tuning the many programs that we instituted while we were there earlier this year. They are having a big problem with their substantially increased loan balances in their stores and how to handle all that new income. I guess I can think of worse things to have to go and address!

    Brian get ready, pawnbroking 201 coming your direction!

    From there we will be returning to Dallas Texas to continue our on going projects and work with Uncle Dan’s group in big D. We laid out a two year program for them earlier last year and the developments and progress within their group has been significant. They have since acquired another location and we are looking forward to getting them on to the next level of our full scale multi-unit management systems and techniques. So far so good, but lots of work left to do!

    Once we complete that week, were off once again to see Chris Cartwright with Wild Bills’ Pawn out in Abilene Texas from there. We are three years in on our redevelopment of their multi-unit chain of stores and have had some fantastic progress with this operation. I have to say, one of my best students in many years. Chris, get ready here we come and that is “No Bull” as you like to say!

    From there it’s back to Barranquilla Colombia and more. Stay tuned that is our immediate updates other than we are getting close to reaching our capacity for our upcoming Symposium later this year.

    For those of you who may be sitting on the fence, get your requests to get in on our lists early as this is an extremely limited attendance capacity event and like nothing that has ever been done in this industy before!

    Early responses have been overwhelming!

    Jerry Whitehead