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  • PCG returns from Cambodia, Philippines, New Zealand & Maui – PCG Updates

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    What an incredible journey PCG has been blessed with early on in this year of 2014.

    Most recently we finished up our tour of duty on the other side of the world with client stops in Cambodia, Philippines, New Zealand and Maui

    We worked with a number of very exciting folks and groups on this magnificent journey starting first with a stop in Cambodia. We have had the pleasure of working up close and up front with a group in Cambodia the CASH U UP group that is based out of Phnom Penh. The folks there which included Sonic Duran their operations coordinator and the others were  beyond super to work with and the country and culture is absolutely amazing.

    We are working to create a long term relationship with this group and to help them develop the modern Western Style Super Store Concepts for their organization as well as establish corporate culture, standard operating procedures and much more. It will be an interesting journey as we move forward together.

    Here’s a snap shot of some of the team down that way:


    Next on our stop from Cambodia was the Philippines. We landed in Manila and were down there for 3 weeks. We worked with several groups including one of the oldest operators in the Philippines dating back to the early 1900’s and today operates more than 800 stores in country.

    From there PCG teamed up with our fellow Pawn Consultant in the Philippines – Maria Isabel Mendoza and her pawn consulting group “MIMPSS”. Together we collaborated on a joint effort to provide some broader education on how the industry is trending today along with best practices for her select member group of students and clients.

    PCG has developed an active correlation with MIMPSS and is pursuing other opportunities in the Philippines as well as other countries for cross training and other forms of support in the region currently. We were extremely impressed with MIMPSS and their degree of training and knowledge services within our industry.

    Here is a snap-shot of one of our group training sessions in Manila:


    From the Philippines PCG trekked on down to New Zealand. First stop was Auckland where we had the opportunity to work with Peter Delmont and his famed “Dollar Dealers” group out of the North Island. They currently operate 7 pawn shops as well as have a growing alternative finance business and have a wonderful organization that they have assembled to boot.

    PCG is actively developing their area management program while redefining their complete HR schemes, financial benchmarks, corporate governance, corporate culture as well as assisting with future expansion opportunities through-out the region.

    Here is a snapshot of their teams:


    Store Image:


    After a week of intense work we proceeded on to Christ Church in the South Island of New Zealand and worked with Gary Boote down that way. Gary has two stores in CC and runs a premier operation as well. It was a pleasure to work with Gary and PCG is actively pursuing a long-term scenario of combining Gary Boote’s operational oversight in conjunction with Peter Delmont’s on the North Island.

    Gary did take me out fishing one day – we only brought in 24 lobsters at 2-3 kilos per and over 45 fish in about two hours. That is how they do it Kiwi style and was impressive none the less.


    More updates on the Kiwi’s as we move forward, super group to work with in one of the most beautiful countries in the world today.

    Post New Zealand we ended up in Maui to work once again with Richard Dan with Kama’aina Loan in Wailuku Maui. It is always good to see Richard as well as having a staging stop from our travels from the way down under routine.

    Kama’aina Loans is doing well and PCG is also providing an annual maintenance and monitoring program for the team to keep them on track and continuously improving the business model for more efficiency and profitability. A great group to work with here is a little shot of Richard Dan the unofficial Mayor of Wailuku Maui:


    From Maui PCG has officially made it back to Florida and is preparing to travel again. We will be speaking again this year at the Dixie Pawnbrokers Show coming up in New Orleans as well as presenting at the trade show.

    This year PCG will be delivering part of a continuing series of Managing Change in today’s aggressively changing environment. This is a continuously developing ongoing series piece that is updated post every PCG client visit to ensure we are applying our best thinking and practices at all times.  

    Here is a link for information on the Dixie Show:


    Focus Group Update:

    PCG will be hosting another one of our “Industry Focus Group” meetings in Little Rock with our elite group of members. Our case study will be of Braswell & Sons located in Little Rock and promises to be an exciting group visit for our first stop for the group in the calendar year of 2014.

    Mr. Braswell operates 3 high level pawn stores and promises to be a great start for 2014 Peer Focus Group.

    Our tentative schedule of activities is as follows:

    4/22 – Load in and arrival – casual cocktails that evening on site

    4/23 –

    8:30 AM Breakfast Buffet

    9:30 AM depart from hotel on shuttle – store tours all day
    12:30 – 2:00 PM lunch out
    2:00 to 5:30 store tours resume
    7:00 PM – Dinner out with group off property within walking distance of hotel

    4/24 –


    8:30 AM Breakfast Buffet

    9:30 AM Session I – Neosho Room – Q&A for Braswell Team, updates on Software Systems, Braswell Mission Statements and Vision (Corporate)

    11:00 – 11:15 – Intermission – snacks / drinks

    12:30 – 2:00 PM – Luncheon – Foyer to meeting room – lunch in

    2:00 – 6:00 PM Session II – Braswell continued, Best Practices – (as many as we can get thru)

    3:30 – 3:45 – Intermission – snacks / drinks

    7:00 PM – Dinner out – OFF property TBD group out

    4/25 –

    8:30 AM Breakfast Buffet
    9:30 AM Session III – Neosho Room – Best Practices Continued

    11:00 – 11:15 – Intermission – snacks / drinks

    12:30 – 2:00 PM – Luncheon – Foyer to meeting room, lunch in
    2:00 – 6:00 PM Session IV – David Johns – Corporate Culture, Jerry Whitehead – TBD – Groups Info, dates for FALL meeting in Texas TBD, session wrap up

    3:30 – 3:45 PM – Intermission snacks / drinks


    7:00 PM – Group Dinner Out

    PCG is proud to continue its delivery of game changing programs and the Focus Groups have been by far some of our most profound activities in the industry to date.

    Group members get to tour all members operations over time, we get to examine up close and up front their strengths and weaknesses and all work together in a collaborative effort to improve every aspect of what we do every day.

    The social networking that develops from these professional groups is also a huge benefit as all the members expand their family in this industry we all love so much.

    This past year our groups had tours of duty that included Canada and Colombia and the experiences shared and had by all has been phenomenal. Both of our hosting group members did a spectacular job in organizing social events as well as logistics to host our fellow members, Colombia ended up with some social activities in Cartagena.

    PCG is actively forming new groups for anyone considering becoming involved in the next generation of operational excellence and business networking.

    Feel free to contact us directly for more information.

    More updates coming soon, Happy Spring everybody – looks like our friends in the Northern Hemisphere can use some serious relief!!


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.








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