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  • Perfection Has It’s Price

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    It is with joy I write this post today here from Lima Peru, where we are laying the ground work for our first store operations in Peru.

    Pawnshop Consulting Group is teaming up with one of our Mexican partners to open up the first of at least a dozen stores in this market. We see a huge potential in the Latin American markets and are making great strides to move our company and our operational philosophies into the stratosphere with continued perfection in high level sophisticated operations on a global basis.

    On the subject of Perfection, I wanted to just pass along that Perfection does have it’s price. In my ongoing consulting work, I am still amazed of how many folks in this industry are afraid to INVEST in their businesses, or the push back that I often receive when it’ comes to fees associated with high-level consulting services or our high level leadership camps and or focus groups.

    8 years ago, a very good friend of mine and a client once barked at what our fees were to come up and provide services for his company. What is amazing is that his $8000 investment many years ago, mushroomed into a rebirth and genesis of his company. In his existing 6 stores back then that had been operational for about 20 years and were at a flat-line with loan growth and income, we only increased loan balances across the board in 12 months by 100% ++ and we doubled the bottom line in that same time period as well. A believer, a convert, you betcha. Now we visit at least once a year and continue to tweak the operations to levels of sustainable growth. Today this client and associate has added two more stores and is still experiencing growth today in the existing operations. Year one after our first visit, bottom line increased by more than $500,000+ dollars. Now was that a good investment?

    Our belief is that stores never mature. We have found that by keeping high-level associates and team leaders in place for the longest periods of time in stores continue to have continuous growth. They in affect don’t stop growing if we keep maximizing everything we do in our operations and continue to reward our team members for highlevel productivity.

    I often times receive push back on fees, but can only look at the results that we have achieved with more than 99% of our clients. Sadly, until recently there is only ONE client that could not see or could not utilize our operational directions correctly. Sometimes we may be blinded by our own operational worlds and remain resistant to true change. Only one constant in life and that is change.

    Most recently we just had our first International Pawn Symposium and Conference at the Ritz Carlton in Naples Florida. We charged $3500 per head for attendees which included the room at the five star hotel for four nights, breakfast and lunch all days, two open cocktail socials, dinner, a mystery show and we put a dozen high-level industry experts in front of them for 3 days. What is amazing is that YES, I did get some comments on fees and in the end, our event was over sold and sold out, ALL of our attendees indicated they were just blown away with our high level presentations and programs and I have had one client indicate that he has made over $100,000 since the Symposium on some of the techniques introduced at that program.

    We even had one of our clients comment on the list of some of the names of our presenters that he had seen them before, unfortunately NONE of the material we presented at our event has been seen anywhere outside of the Symposium. We purposely had our speakers produce customized material specifically for presentation to our high level attendees from more than a dozen countries around the world. For those who missed the event, they missed HISTORY in the making!

    No one in the industry has ever offered any products or events like these and we are striving to change the industry and the world in which we live in. We are now spinning off our Executive Leadership Camps and Focus Groups as well while we prepare for next years Symposium to be held in Georgetown Cayman Islands. Invest in your business? I hope so, nothing like having another set of eyes on whatever it is that your doing or to continue to network with some of best and brightest our industry has ever seen.

    We at the Pawnshop Consulting Group strive for excellence in all that we do and for operational perfection, yes it does come with a Price!!

    Why not take the leap of faith and join our other 450+ clients in more than 35 countries around the world and SEE for yourself what we CAN do for you.

    Your only investing in YOUR Business, and YES Perfection has it’s Price, what’s yours?


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.








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