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    Pawnshop Consulting Group & Mr. Jerry Whitehead

    “When we first decided to venture into the Pawn Shop business in late 2008, we looked for a consultant who could assist us in evaluating the business. After many calls to people in the industry, one name kept coming up as the leading expert in the field, Jerry Whitehead. We called Jerry and laid out our plan to open a store on a small remote island that did not presently have a Pawn Shop. Instead of simply saying great and taking our fee, he asked many thoughtful questions about why we thought the business would be successful and agreed to help us analyze the market before we dove in. In addition, he came down personally to the island to assess the market and help us determine the best way to move forward with a limited budget.

    To sum up the results, with Jerry’s help and contact base, we were able to get the shop open in less than 90 days. We were “PROFITABLE” the first month of operations, grew our loan book to over $300K in the first quarter and established our reputation with the local community and law enforcement agencies as a “no nonsense” operator who does it the right way. Without Jerry’s help, there is no way we could have achieved the profitability, community acceptance and favorable local press as a newbie to this industry.

    In the months following our opening, Jerry has provided consistent support by guiding us with subsequent training support materials to insure we stay on the right path to maximize our business. He has always taken the initiative to stay in touch and frequently helped us navigate through the nuances encountered when doing business in a foreign land without the normal resources available to other operations. He has never taken the opportunity to extract additional fees from our fledgling operation so I consider him more a partner than a consultant.

    With Jerry’s help, we will be opening our second store early in 2010 and we could not be more enthusiastic about the future of our business during these turbulent economic times. We could not be more satisfied with Jerry.”

    Dave Clark & Chad McGhee

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