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  • Steven Mack Pawn Shop Summit

    PCG and BRAVO are proud to announce that STEVEN MACK will be presenting several subject matters at this year’s Pawn Summit this October 5th and 6th at the 4-Diamond OMNI Mandalay Resort in Las Colinas, Dallas Texas.

    Steven has had a long and an extensive career in the Pawn Industry. One of his feature presentations that will be conducted this year at the Pawn Summit will be an open discussion that as a 3rd generation Pawnbroker what it took to build the largest and most successful privately held pawn chain in the Country at that time.

    About 20 years back this company was acquired by Cash America for 120 Million + Dollars. This was the single largest acquisition in size and dollars in the history of the Pawn Industry back then.

    From the beginning Steven has been an entrepreneur on many levels. His Pawn Company – “Super Pawn” out of Las Vegas grew to be the largest privately owned pawn chain in the industry of it’s time. He strategically grew that business to more than 40 locations in several states with average PLB’s, or Pawn Loan Balances in excess of 750K per store. This was an amazing model and obviously Cash America valued it as such when they acquired the entity and the Corporation.

    I had the pleasure of visiting Steven and his operations 18 years back in Vegas and toured his “Prima” headquarters which was the operational facility and the brain center for the PRIMA support group.

    At that point in my career PCG was in it’s early inception and I had just recently been involved with building up a Pawn group to more than 50 stores operating in multiple states that we also sold off to Cash America.

    During those years I had been involved in various aspects of automation and technology systems, but had previously not witnessed the level of technology that Steven and his team had developed.

    After touring some of the stores and looking at the integration of PRIMA with it’s feature rich capabilities, here is some of which included back in those days:

    I was enamored by how advanced, sophisticated, integrated, and how profitable those stores were as a result of the advanced automation systems coupled with slick, beautiful, clean stores, with smiling, happy, friendly people in them, who wanted to serve you.

    These were all the the results of years of innovation, advanced programmers, millions of dollars of investment, hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues and transactions in their stores generated through the PRIMA platform and stores, all coupled with Steven’s insight to overcome challenges and limitations while building the Super Pawn Brand.

    Bravo is a technological product that was born directly from PRIMA. Unlike other software applications out there, the basis for BRAVO was built on the backbone by master pawnbrokers who sought nothing less than technical supremacy to advance the business and the operations into the stratosphere.

    A product built by pawnbrokers for pawnbrokers to automate and simplify their businesses to the nth degree.

    Steven will be talking about what it took to build this operation (Super Pawn), the culture required, the stamina, the backing, the integrity, the fortitude, the commitment, dedication, trial and error, and more to have built this highly successful set of organizations.

    This year’s Pawn Summit is also featuring a wide range of educational topics at this year’s event with input from some of the brightest and most successful individuals who have ever embraced the Pawn World.

    Steven’s presentation on Super Pawn will absolutely be a do not miss opportunity to hear it directly from BRAVO’s founder and the founder or Super Pawn. This will be the only presentation of its type in the Pawn Industry from a highly successful individual.

    PCG and BRAVO at this time are offering up our PRESHOW DISCOUNT registration prices to attend this “one of a kind” event in the Pawn World.

    By utilizing this code (below) on our registration page, attendees can come to our two-day event which includes all of the presentations, all social functions, all networking and round-tables, all meals from our 4-Diamond top flight resort for only $295.00 per person. We have negotiated a very special rate for our hotel as well and slots are filling quickly. This event will be over-subscribed and we recommend signing up ASAP!


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