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  • Updates for First Industry Focus Groups

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    We officially sold out the worlds First Industry Peer Focus Groups and I wanted to take this time to share what we will be doing on our first one coming up.

    We are officially taking names now for another less than 5 store groups, if your interested in joining one, please contact us directly!

    For our current members, here is the info relating to their first retreat coming up:

    We would like to thank all of you that have signed up to become part of the Pawn Industry’s first of kind Peer Groups. Many of you saw our program description this past year at our Pawn Symposium down in Naples Florida and at long last we are moving forward with our program.

    We have the dates of April 25th – 28th established for our first official Peer Group Meeting. We will be meeting in Los Angeles for our first go round and we have selected the following property for our gathering.

    Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club – 260 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277


    Here is a link with some additional information on the property:

    Portofino Hotel INFO LINK

    The resort is offering us standard rooms at $155 per night. We will have other room options available for those of you who may be seeking suite upgrades or other, additional information out quickly.

    Our tentative schedule is as follows:


    Folks this is our tentative agenda and our first Peer Groups meetings which promise to be very exciting. For starters we will be doing an initial case study and examination of Sam’s stores. His large operation in LA generates more than 1000+ loan transactions per day and is one of the largest operations in the world today of its kind and is certainly one of the largest in the United States. Sam has several stores that we will visit and all of this will be wrapped up with a special evening out on day one.

    Our second day will be setting the tone and the agenda for our Peer Groups. This will be the time that our attendees with our guidance will set our agendas, cover our ground rules and membership participation and establish our next members store locations and dates for our second meeting of the year.

    Our third day will focus on various Pawnshop Operational formats and will lead into the types of information and programs we can create for our Peer Groups.

    All N’ all it promises to be a very unique opportunity to work with fellow non-competitive peers in our industry and to share all of the wealth of knowledge, skills, mistakes we have made and tour live operations around the country and more.

    We will be covering our by-laws, do’s and don’ts and much more at our initial meeting in Los Angeles.

    Pawnshop Consulting Group will take care of all of your hotel bookings and arrangements, members will pay their own hotel expenses and travel related fees to attend the events. Members will be billed for their hotel rooms in advance prior to our meetings as well.

    As part of the participation, our production costs will be equally divided by the number of members and or participants present and billed at time of our events. We will have common shared expenses such as the meals, transportation arrangements for our tours and travel related expenses for the event producers and or any special guests or other event promotional related expenses that could arise.

    Membership Fees cover each organization of the Peer Groups. Organizations can bring two or more people to the functions with no more than 3. Each organization will have to pay for their meal and or shared function costs as a pro-rata of the total number of attendees plus their own hotel rooms or other.

    If you plan on bringing others to the meets, please provide us with the complete names, positions, contact info and email addresses for each additional – limit 3 per organization please.

    Please specify the room types you would like, how many rooms you will require as well as: king – queen – twin beds – ocean view – suite or other. We can begin to make all of your room reservations ASAP and make preparations. Additional pricing info out soon for the suite upgrades and other, please stay tuned.

    We will be sending some additional information requests within 3 weeks of our event for the financial disclosures and more.

    Please get your financial commitments in the mail ASAP to us and let us know your attendance numbers and room requests ASAP.

    Look forward to seeing you all in Los Angeles and let’s Rock the Pawn World some more!

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.








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