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  • Updates for the 2012 International Pawn Symposium & Conference

    Updates for the 2012 International Pawn Symposium & Conference

    Symposium – SOLD OUT

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    It is with great pleasure that I get to announce the fact that the 2012 International Pawn Symposium & Conference IS officially over sold.

    We have once again thru the generous support of our friends and family in this industry SOLD OUT yet another world class event which is to be held in the Cayman Islands at the Ritz Carlton on 7 mile beach in Georgetown CI.

    This year’s event promises to be the most informative and educational series of programs that we have ever produced.

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group continues to strive to bring the most informative, practical and useful information there is today on how to better understand, operate and manage your businesses better in this ever increasing world of change in which we live in.

    The only constant in life is change and we are doing our best to bring the most informative and educational programs the industry has ever witnessed to our growing list of clients and new family from around the world today.

    Managing Change has become our operational Mantra!

    This year’s event is being held at the 5-diamond Ritz Carlton Resort in Georgetown in the Cayman Islands on the historical 7-mile beach. The flair of the Ritz Carlton rings with enthusiasm from our participants from last year’s event, the venue is world class, the food and beverages that we will be serving to our attendees is top-shelf, the environment is as luxurious as it gets, the networking will be extreme and delightful and the educational take a way’s promise to benefit the participants businesses for a lifetime.

    Here are just some of the high-lights of this years event:

    On the financial front, we have two very enlightened individuals that will be sharing their skills and knowledge with our group this year.

    This year the Pawn Shop Consulting Group is proud to introduce Dr. David Barker. Dr. Barker who is one of the most informed individuals in his respective fields today. He shares a common bond with the potential for the Pawn Industry and how it will continue to flourish in his views in lieu of the economic uncertainty that hovers over our world today.

    This will be a Pawn Shop Consulting Group exclusive once in a lifetime opportunity to hear it from one of the most informed individuals today.

    Dr. Barker has an extensive history in the economics arena with a Ph.D. & M.A. in Economics/Finance from the University of Chicago with a B.A. from University of California, Berkeley.

    His Experiences include:

    Adjunct Professor of Economics – Graduate School of Business – University of Chicago, 1997-2006.

    Lecturer – Department of Economics – University of Chicago, 2003-2006.

    Economist – Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1991-1994. Developed econometric models to forecast problems at banks and to detect racial discrimination in mortgage lending for the Federal Reserve System. Conducted and supervised research on a variety of topics. Received President’s Award for Excellence.

    Dr. Barker will be focusing on the following for his lecture at the Symposium:

    Dr. Barker’s presentation will also highlight the loss of confidence in FIAT currencies along with financial repression.

    Preceding Dr. Barker, we have Mr. Kevin Prochaska up again this year. We still have attendees talking about Kevin’s presentation from last year’s event where he literally blew our group away with his more than accurate financial predictions of the gold markets.

    Kevin Prochaska has an MBA from the University of Texas and is also a Certified Public Accountant. He wrote his graduate thesis on Texas Pawn Shop Code and has spent a major portion of his lifetime in this industry as an owner/operator and at the executive levels with tours of duty that included Cash America and EZ Corp.

    Today Kevin is the current President of the National Pawnbrokers Association and also participates in a multi-billion dollar fund that has an interest in a chain of pawn shops in the United States.

    Kevin will be providing a very in-depth piece to our attendees this year on “Financial Metrics”, the how and what to look for to manage the financial aspects of our businesses in real time today. This piece is also an exclusive one-of-kind that Kevin’ is working up to present to our group in the Cayman Islands this year.

    A very exclusive opportunity to hear it from one of the industry’s most informed and active participants today.


    Pawn Shop Consulting Group has been working with these two gentlemen this year in our co-produced ongoing series – Managing Change & Executive Leadership Camps – John Thedford and David Johns.

    Mr. John Thedford CPA – John was a former accountant for both Cash America and EZ Corp and was the CEO and founder of Value Financial Services out of Florida. He grew that company to more than 70 pawn stores before it was acquired back in late 2008 for more than 120+ Million dollars by EZ Corp. Today, John is the CEO and founder of Premier Financial Services a new multi-unit multi-state pawn operation that he is currently rolling out.

    John with his co-founder David Johns built an award winning organization and today is recognized as one of the most accomplished individuals in the Pawn Industry today.

    John’s piece will be on “Over Managed and Under-Cultured – How to Run the Leadership Deficit”.

    Many of our attendees from our exciting series we have been doing all year – “Managing Change & Executive Leadership Camps” recently witnessed some of this presentation from John and it promises to deliver up the “WOW” factor in high-gear. John is an eloquent public speaker and will be illustrating what it takes to develop an award winning organization that is centered on Corporate Culture, how to create it and monitor to produce high-level results from team members on all levels including the Executive Levels.

    Mr. David Johns is up again this year – David holds numerous degrees and has a background in Industrial Psychology. David was the former Human Resource Director for Cash America as well as Sears & Roebuck. David was one of the founding members of the Value Financial Team with John Thedford as well and was the primary instigator of the many award winning techniques they developed to build one of the most successful pawn companies in history.

    David will be doing two segments for us this year – one of these will be “How to create Contests to Build Profits & Goal Attainments in the Operations”.  This will be a very informative and exciting piece coming from one of the all-time masters within our industry today.

    David’s segment will be centered on “Performance Evaluations to Drive Profits and Productivity in the Operations”. Another highly informative piece from Mr. Johns.

    On the development of new business, we have Jordan Tabach-Bank this year presenting. Jordan is the CEO of Beverly Jewelry & Loan – the Pawn Shop to the Movie Stars and one of the TV Stars in the new “Final Offer” TV shows. Jordan will be doing a piece this year on how to procure and obtain high-value loan customers and more, promises to be a fabulous piece on this growing segment of our industry today.

    In the areas of asset controls and technology, we have several pieces being presented by a number of folks.

    For starters, we have Jennifer Kanistras up this year – Jennifer was a former loss prevention analyst for Cash America and also in charge of Loss Prevention for the Value Financial team based out of Florida. She will be providing an in-depth look at loss prevention techniques and much more, another PCG exclusive presentation for the Symposium attendees.

    Some of our sponsors will be featuring how to generate ROI’s or returns on investments with technology, this will be followed by another presentation on how surveillance technology monitors customer behavior, loss prevention aspects and much more. A very informative series of seminars from two of our key line sponsors.

    Jim Littman with Sarin Technology will be demonstrating Sarin’s new cloud-based diamond grading technology and more. This promises to be a great preview of the some of the newest technology to help Pawnbrokers maximize their profit potentials in their stores with affordable technology.

    Additionally we have Brad Huisken with IAS Training on Pawnbroker Certification Programs, ButterMilk Media along with Justin Whitehead back on campus with the latest developments in the web presence arenas along with Social Media and Social Media Management.

    Other presentations this year will include offshore banking and fund management by the Lombardy Fund group based in the Caymans, Argentum Refiners in the Caymans presenting how CO-OP profit sharing refinery and system works along with the steps required to process metals with them, an open panel discussion on underwriting tips and techniques to maximize asset and personnel protection and more.

    Nothing has ever been done like this in the industry before, prior to PCG’s exclusive development of the Pawn Symposium concepts.

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group along with a growing list of consultants and service providers are working to bring something very new and exciting to our industry and we will be elaborating more on this one later. I would like to say that we are planning on a true pawnbrokers extravaganza that will feature PCG approved vendors along with their products and services along with our high-level training teams that will be propelling the educational aspects of what we do further into the future and available to far more of our beloved brothers and sisters in this industry from around the world.

    For those on the Symposium list, see you in the Cayman Islands very soon !!


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.








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