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  • Updates for the First Annual Pawn Symposium & Conference

    Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to take this time to proudly distribute our first “Tentative” list of speakers and topics that we have scheduled for this years historical event slated for Florida later this year.  

    We will be hosting our first Symposium Conference and event this year at the Five Star Resort “Ritz Carlton” in Naples Florida, September 12th – 15th 2011.

    This years event promises to be one of the most wonderful opportunities ever witnessed in this industry to mix, mingle and have active dialogue through Q&A with open panel type discussions post all of the presentors along with the information that will be disseminated.

    We at the Pawn Shop Consulting Group feel as though we are addressing the specific issues that we see affecting our industry today from a business standpoint. We have NO other agendas other than focusing on what makes our businesses work and how to improve every aspect of what we do in them every day!

    What better way to improve our operational lives and skills thru active dialogues with some of the most noteworthy industry players today in an up-close and upfront environment?

    We have assembled a power house of industry “Movers and Shakers” and will be providing an exceptional opportunity to communicate directly with some of the most informed individuals in their respective fields along with other high level business owners and attendees.

    This years topics will cover many aspects of what it takes to improve upon our core business metrics along with expanding our thought processes on out to new and innovative techniques and applications that could benefit you and your business forever.

    We also see this event as the stepping stone for creating the Industry’s first Focus Groups which will raise the bar and the standards of operators around the world today as we know it.  

    Some of our topics will include:

    • The state of the Industry today nationally and Internationally – Concept discussions about creating the Industry’s first International Pawn Conferences
    • Creating and maintaining Corporate Culture
    • Creating a Strategic Path for your Organization
    • Deciphering the employee selectivity processes
    • Full analysis of employee productivity systems (pros/cons)
    • Financial Metrics – The how and what to look for and what measurements are KEY to maintaining maximum cash flow and operating incomes
    • Web Site Design, Integration, Analytics, Social Media Integration, Social Group proliferation, Cultural Concepts for your Social Media Presence, Maintaining the benchmarks for Social Media presence, (do’s and don’t) on the WWW along with Social Media and the NOW generation
    • Engaging your teams for raising the bar on customer standards and productivity enhancing techniques
    • Introduction of a TRUE Pawnbroker Lending Platform along with a gold refining product, Ecommerce site for a true multi-level platform to obtain and attract new information and customers in the global market place
    • How to gain a competetive edge in your gold & metals buying strategies
    • Dispelling the “myths” about insurance underwriting along with how to improve your coveraqes while decreasing costs
    • Exploration and explanation of the Industry’s first TRUE Focus Groups – How they work, how members benefit each other, exploration of the processes, expectations and functions within the groups and the members defined
    • Open panel discussions on all of these topics with each of the presenters with moderators, open discussion on the industry today by our attendees what is affecting them and how and what they are doing to compete, improve and master their industry of choice!

    This years Symposium promises to be unlike anything that has ever transpired in this industry before.

    Because of the intimate nature of the programs themselves, attendance will be extremely limited to this function.

    Reservation and deposit information will be forthcoming and of course Pawn Shop Consulting Group clients will have the first round of availability to attend this conference. Once we have completed our special invitation we will then open up sign ups to the event on a first come first serve basis to all others.

    Again, unfortunately due to the high level of interaction that will be encouraged by the attendees, attendance will have to be extremely limited.

    Stay tuned for more info as we get it prepared and we will be providing some more in depth information about the individual subject matters over the coming weeks and months.

    Here is our preliminary line up of speakers to date:

    • Jerry Whitehead – Founder and President of the Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc., former Director and Trustee of the NPA (National Pawnbrokers Association), Director Texas Pawnbrokers Association, Director Florida Pawnbrokers Association, Advisor – Fenacoven (NPA of Colombia) – State of the Industry today within the USA and globally, development of the Symposium format/International Pawn Conferences and the Industry’s true First High Level Focus Groups – Group Moderator
    • John Thedford – CEO/Founder of Value Financial Services (Value Pawn) and CEO of LaFamilia Pawn (US/Puerto Rico) – Creating Corporate Culture – Creating a Strategic Path
    • David Johns – Former HR director for Cash America, Value Financial and now LaFamilia – Board of Directors of the NPA – Employee Selectivity Processes – Employee Productivity Systems Defined
    • Kevin Prochaska – MBA/CPA – CEO of Lombard Financial Services, former CFO EZ Corp, COO Doc Holliday’s Pawnbrokers & Jewellers, Exec VP for Cash America, Director and Treasurer for the National Pawnbrokers Association – Utilization of Financial Benchmarks to set the Standards for your Business – Group Moderator
    • Buttermilk Media Group – Web Site Development, analysis and complete Social Media Intergration, refined and defined
    • Justin Whitehead – Student – Perspectives on Social Media and today’s younger generation
    • Brad Huisken – IAS Training Developer – How to Engage your teams to instill BEST practices in customer service, retention and increasing productivity
    • Steven Krupnik – Founder of the Pawnshop Advisor – Gold & Metals buying and lending strategies to maximize your business and out-compete your competitors
    • Insurance Group – Dispelling the “myths” relating to increasing coverages and reducing costs
    • Joe Zahn – Officer and Director of CashWiz Holdings LTD – Cayman Islands – Industry today outside the USA, Pawnbroker funding, gold refining program, Ecommerce site and ancillary services being offered thru CashWiz and our offshore group
    • Wayne McMahon – CMA – VP of Consulting Profit Systems – Format for introduction of the Industry’s first TRUE Focus Groups – Group Moderator

    There are several other key presenters at this year’s event and we at the Pawn Shop Consulting Group are working closely with them to fit their aggressive travel schedules into our event.

    Updates will be posted frequently as they are developed.

    For those of you who may have interest today, feel free to contact us directly to see about getting on our pre-list of attendees for consideration after we do our initial private invitation to our exclusive client list.

     Thank you very much stay tuned!


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.