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  • Updates for the International Pawn Symposium & Conference 2012

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    I am happy to report that our first International Pawn Symposium that recently went down in Naples Florida was such a huge success that we are well on down the road with plans for our next historic production already.

    This year’s event was attended by guest and clients from more than a dozen countries around the world and was SOLD OUT! In fact, we were over-sold in out attempt to accommodate as many as we could without eroding the intimate nature of the event itself.

    From ALL of this years attendees we have firm commitments that they will ALL be there next year and this puts us pretty much at a guaranteed sell out once again!

    For our attendees this year and for future attendees we will have our exclusive LinkedIN groups up for Symposium attendees very quickly, it will be by invitation only and limited only to our attendees of our events. For those of you who were there, stay tuned, your invitations to join the closed groups will be coming out very soon as promised at the Symposium!

    For the record, these events are VERY exclusive and will be extremely limited in their size and attendance capabilities. This is primarily so that we can and do have active feedback from all of our attendees and presenters. The Utopian environment in which we did achieve was perfect, all of our attendees had plenty of one on one time with active group feedback and participation with the many gifted individuals that presented very high level, previously never seen before material on a variety of subjects.

    Our attendees and presenters from the opening ceremony to our wrap up some days later were overwhelmingly positive on everything we presented and everything we did. The feedback on the Ritz Carlton was huge along with the fabulous cuisine that was fed to us daily on top of explosive and engaging presenters and material that was literally just off the charts.  

    In regards to myself and the Pawnshop Consulting Group we have received so many wonderful notes and comments, it has just been fabulous and beyond my wildest dreams to have delivered up such a top shelf event such as the Symposium.

    It has been a lifelong dream of mine to develop and unite the industry on a global basis in ways that have just never been attempted before. To do something that is so far out of the BOX that we in affect are setting the standards for what is next for the industry and our many gifted souls who wish to be directly involved and who wish to contribute their input, wisdom and signs of solidarity to improve and better unite the industry on a global basis.

    Several very important and industry changing events and concepts are being spun off from the Symposium itself and they are:

    * First – we have introduced the industry’s FIRST true FOCUS groups – widely accepted and already have about 4 groups in creation currently

    * Secondly – we have teamed up with David Johns and John Thedford to deliver up high-level leadership book camps which is something they created for their highly successful organizations, Value Pawn and LaFamilia – Pawnshop Consulting Group will be organizing these  groups and events and bringing them to market ASAP – Lots of demand for this product was present at the show!

    * Thirdly – possibility for creating the industry’s first true International Pawn Association – a group directed by an international group of directors focusing on common issues, trends and strategies for the industry on a global basis hosting the event(s) around the world

    International Pawn Symposium & Conference 2012

    I just wanted to take this time to let our community know what will be happening in regards to our next annual event.

    First and foremost, the attendees of this year’s event will have the first options to attend next year’s event.

    Once we have their commitments in hand we will open the event up to a few more attendees but not many. Overall, the comments and feelings of the many souls who attended this year’s event loved the intimate size of our group and loved the fact that we all ate together, worked together and spent most of our time networking and expanding our collective vast knowledge’s and experiences within our beloved industry TOGETHER.

    No real outside distractions or other events to stray us away from the true intent of the Symposium format itself. Phenomenal to put it mildly!

    The 2012 International Pawn Symposium and Conference is well underway already. I have our team currently negotiating with the Five Star Resort – Ritz Carlton hotel on 7 mile beach in Georgetown Cayman Islands. We are hoping to have it at about the same time of year, perhaps September/October but will let the Ritz in the Caymans’ guide us. We are hoping to select their slow season time of year so that we will have the best opportunity for full facility utilization with best rates possible for our attendees.

    From some of the feedback from our attendees we will most likely expand our days of our event to 4 or 5 days and provide more fun activities together for us a group. The Cayman Islands offers world class activities from the beaches to snorkeling, diving, swimming with the Stingrays, Submarine rides day/night and other activities we are considering for our attendees for group social functions together. Even sand castle or (pawn shop) building by all of us on the beach! Whatever the case may be, it will be highly educational, highly social and interactive and lots of fun mixing and mingling with our guests from all over the world today!

    For those of you who did attend last years event, we will be sending out early commitment notifications to all of you before year-end to get you on the early bird list before going to market with next years program.

    Please stay tuned for more information as we get it developed there will be much more coming as we develop but yet another historic International Event for our beloved Pawn Industry!

    From the bottom of my heart, I want to personally thank all of you for your kind words, wisdom and support in which many of you have shown me over this past year and years to continue to be the best at what we can be! For myself and the others within the Pawnshop Consulting Group, thank you all for your input and support, we love you all and God bless!

    Sincerely —

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.








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