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    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    It gives me great to pleasure to introduce to all of you a couple of our newest web sites that we have developed for a couple of our clients.

    As many of you know, Pawnshop Consulting Group and ButterMilk Media are a combined JV interest of the Pawnshop Consulting Group’s and we are changing the world one client at a time on how to have a “Total Online Presence” with ease and simplification of the processes.

    The world in which we inhabit is changing daily. The technical revolutions that are going on are launching so many new sophisticated gadgets and applications that it IS seemingly overwhelming in attempting to keep up with it all.

    We at the Pawnshop Consulting Group and ButtterMilk Media strive for maintaining the next level in all that we do. We are constantly working to bring better applications, systems, technology and information to our clients constantly.

    As Steve Jobs once said, “we strive to make ourselves obsolete”. It is with that strife that we are constantly working to better improve everything that it is that we do on a daily basis.

    Most recently, we have developed two new sites and a complete social media integration package for a couple of clients of ours.

    For starters we have Wild Bills Pawn Shops a four store group out of Abilene Texas that I have to tell you, aside from being some of my best students on our Pawn consulting side of our business they have also been some of our best students on learning and commanding the online presence skills as well.

    They in affect have become a high level, highly exposed online presence in their respective market places by following the simply complex products that we have developed for them.

    Their web site and subsequent social media presence has sky rocketed with their daily use of their web site thru blogging, newsletter updates, individual store postings, great meta-tagging, key wording and so on. They have proven that in as little as 3 months with constant movement on your site that you can command the top of your search engine capabilities and bury you’re nearest online competition.

    Wild Bills Pawn Shops recouped their entire online development costs thru product sales leads generated online by their stores in less than 6 weeks. They now have an incredibly powerful tool to constantly inform their direct customer base, followers and community as to what is currently going on at the stores today.

    We have already started to budget in reductions in their conventional advertising dollars as their online presence swallows all conventional advertising.

    Yes, Social Media for the most part is FREE and only costs you your time and input to keep it active, updated, fun and informative. This stuff is proven and WORKS!

    Check out Wild Bills and their site and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter right on the main page and follow them on FaceBook, Twitter and Youtube. They have been doing some great videos that have been posted on their Youtube pages and much more.


    Social Media and Total Online Presence is the ONLY wave of the next future and if you’re not on that wave, you will be in the undertow playing catch up forever!

    Check out another one of our client’s web sites, this one will go live in the next week or so and you should also subscribe to their newsletter and join their FaceBook fan page as well.


    Stay tuned, our mad scientist are hard at work creating more simplified ways for all of you to have a “Total Online Presence” !!!


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, Inc.







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