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  • What is the Image You are Portraying in Your Pawn Stores Today

    What is the Image You are Portraying in Your Pawn Stores today?


    Pawnshop Consulting Group has been asked to put together a special presentation of “what is the image you are portraying in your pawn stores today” this year by Greg Engstrom of the Indiana Pawnbrokers Association. 

    This presentation is for the Midwest Pawnbrokers Convention coming up in Louisville Kentucky in May.

    Midwest Pawnbrokers Convention Link

    Of course, Pawnshop Consulting Group answering to the call of duty with our unique experience in looking at and working with pawn shops all over the world is thrilled at this opportunity!

    I am honored to say that the Pawnshop Consulting Group has been invited to speak at these events for some 20 years this year, and this year will be a very unique interactive presentation conducted by PCG.

    This presentation will provide us a great opportunity to feature the worst to the best of Pawn as we have seen it in our lifelong journey in this industry.

    On a personal level, having been in more than 1000 stores in the last 35-year cycle of my advanced operational world and consulting arena, and having serviced more than 600 clients around the world today as a consultant, I have seen many versions of what to do and what not do in the best and worst of Pawn.

    Sights, sounds, smells, appearances, attitudes, and the overall impression your business may or may not be providing to the greater good, our customers and society in general, IS the theme this year for us at this event.

    PCG will be providing a wide range of perspectives on modern pawn operations with an overall examination of many variations from the horrific looking store models to beautiful looking stores.

    We will be examining store set ups, appearances, and ongoing business practices, along with the good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak.

    Many operators in this country, and many other countries apply little if anything to how their stores look, smell, and function.

    For the same, there is a newer breed of operators who are excelling to be the very best of their game, and we will examine some of the best and worst-case scenarios we have witnessed in our lifelong journey of close to 50 years in this industry.

    In today’s highly competitive environment we need to be on top of our game to provide the most robust service, attitude, atmosphere, appearances, culture, and so much more to be the best of the best.

    This will be a very informative presentation with open feedback from our attendees to participate in social behaviors and store representations to be just that, the best of the best!

    Come join the Pawnshop Consulting Group this year at the Midwest Pawnbrokers Convention, one of the best and most affordable regional shows out there coming up in Louisville Kentucky this May.

    Jerry Whitehead – Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC.