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  • Zero Fee Credit Card Services & Customer Loyalty Program

    Zero Fee Credit Card Services & Customer Loyalty Program

    This year the Crossover EXPO is proud to introduce another one of our vendor sponsors, Mr. Michael Kaplan with SecuraBull.

    Michael will be introducing two pieces at this years event during his presentation on Saturday the 23d. One of his pieces will be on the Zero Fee Merchant Services that are NOW available to the Pawn Industry. This platform allows Pawnbrokers to accept cash for their products and services, and to offer the convenience of taking credit card payments for zero fees to the Merchant.

    This is an exciting product that in some cases is adding tens of thousands of dollars to clients bottom lines by avoiding all the fees associated with credit card processing. The product he will be illustrating is only a small monthly charge for platform access, plus basic equipment rental for those without.

    Michael will also be introducing a loyalty program that is a digital application and allows the merchant to easily upload store credits, and monitor customer behavior through an easy to use application. This application allows the merchant to mine specific data for the users and is another way to build in customer loyalty into your business.

    Both of these presentations are do NOT MISS opportunities to add cash saving products into your business, as well as building customer loyalty into your brand.

    Come help support the Florida Pawnbrokers Association and the Pawn Industry in general as we roll out another exceptional, educational trade show event !!


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    Thank you all so much and hope to see you in Orlando !!

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