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  • 2013 Pawn Symposium & Conference Nov 11th – 17th Maui Hawaii

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    I hope that all of our friends and family out here in Pawnland had a great 2012!

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawnland!

    The 2012 International Pawn Symposium & Conference that was held at the Ritz Carlton in the Cayman Islands and was denoted as an Epic event. IN an attempt to live up to the “Top-Shelf” standards that PCG is becoming recognized as delivering up, we have updated info for the 2013 International Pawn Symposium & Conference.

    The dates for this year’s 2013 International Pawn Symposium & Conference is scheduled for November 11th – 17th 2013.

    This year – Pawn Shop Consulting Group is PROUD to announce the event is going to be held in MAUI Hawaii!

    Maui and the Hawaiian Islands in general are some of the most beautiful islands anywhere in the world today. Maui offers up “world-class” resort and tourism options. Long known as the “Gem” of the Pacific, Maui has some of the most stunning views, volcanic mountains, forests, rain-forests and ocean activities on the planet today.

    Many of you know that I lived in Maui for years and have always considered it a true home.

    Here is some information about Maui in general:

    Maui Info Click Here

    The Aloha spirit is very much alive and flourishing in Maui and will be the theme of this year’s historic Pawn Symposium. Aloha spirit being shared between all of us who are fortunate enough to attend these functions will be our driving message going on into the new millennium.

    Maui Hawaii

    The Hawaiian Islands offer WORLD CLASS activities unparalleled anywhere else in the world today. The Islands’ have been long known as one of the top 10 diving locations on the Planet today as well as providing excellent deep sea fishing grounds and a variety of ocean and marine activities suited for just about any age or ability level.

    Maui has two major Volcanic mountain ranges from Haleakala to the West Maui Mountains. There is a wide range of forests, rain forests, pools, waterfalls and some of the most stunning geography in the world. Maui is the only place in the world you can drive in a car from sea level to over 10,000’ ft. in less than an hour amongst many other wonderful and beautiful attributes and activities.

    2013 Symposium Mission

    This year PCG is doing something very different than our last Symposiums. We will have our customary lineup of high-level presenters and fresh topic material in open session type formats, but we are also introducing the work-shop series. These work-shops will take attendees at the function and divide them up into groups and will then be provided specific tasks or subject matter to tackle. The outcome of their results will be shared in the open forum of the Symposium itself.

    We at PCG feel that these interactive work-shops created for our groups allow for all of us to share in the vast knowledge that so many of our attendee’s possess. We have friends and colleagues from many countries all operating with vastly different operational and organizational levels and structures. Sharing our collective knowledge for the betterment of all of us and this beloved industry we have all known to come and love so much is the primary goal of these work-shops. To hear and witness up close and up front how some of the best operators in the industry today do it and make it happen.

    We are also billing this year’s event as “Family” friendly!

    Children will be welcome and we will have several of our social functions geared around good ol’ fashioned family fun. We will have a host of options that will fit just about any of our attendees’ desires traveling from around the world to attend our event this year.

    We have assembled a variety of packages to accommodate just about anyone wishing to attend.

    Our Attendee packages include ALL nightly room charges, ALL meals, cocktail socials and ALL of the functions at the property itself.

    All you need to do is get yourself to the Islands and we will take it from there!

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group is PROUD to continue to deliver up WORLD CLASS events for our beloved industry and for those who wish to actively participate and be part of the new revolution that exists for the Modern Industry of today.


    Space IS limited to these events to keep the element of interaction of our attendees at high levels and allow for full exchange between presenters and attendees and much more with our work-shops.

    PCG will be sending out an updated schedule of activities along with pricing and venue selection very shortly. We are finalizing our negotiations with a high-level property in Maui now and will have more information soon.

    Stay tuned, much more to follow!

    To add your name or organization to our list – feel to contact us directly to reserve your space(s)

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.








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