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  • Pawn Shop Business Ethics & Good Moral Conduct

    Business Ethics, and Good Code of Moral Conduct

    Hello Friends and Family in Pawn Land!!

    Today’s Blog is a very simple one, yet, an age-old adage many in the business world should consider living by.

    It has to do with good business ethics.

    It is my belief that all of us in the world of business whether it be a pawn operation, a retail store, a consultant, or pretty much anything else, should always hold yourself and the organization you may represent to a higher standard.

    Living well and doing well is just healthy for you and ultimately your business if your so blessed to have or own one, or work within an organization.

    In my journey of this road we call life, I found that many even who consider themselves to be quote “Good Christians” often don’t live by the words they preach, or the good book they claim to know.

    In my view, it doesn’t matter if your religious or not, but again, living by a higher standard and a better code of moral conduct just makes YOU a better person and ultimately a better business operator.

    Don’t fall to a lower level, or a lower standard of ethics in an attempt to award yourself some center-stage appearance you probably don’t deserve if that is how you conduct yourself, or your business. 

    Be proud of who you are and what you do. In life, when we come to pass, what will people remember, or say about you?

    At a recent trade show, we attended an individual approached someone in the business world known to many of us, and very well known to me. While attempting to pitch their products or services, their opening line was to immediately begin talking negatively about another in the same world so to speak, as their way to try to gain attention or other from the individual engaged.

    The old saying there is, “careful who you speak with” as you may have no idea who they know, or what their involvement may be with others in your space and place. 

    “If any of you must talk negatively about your competitors or other businesses in an attempt to gain attention or other from those you may seek, you may have already lost the battle”.  This really includes your potential clients, or competitors!

    Good business ethics should always be inclusive of all who may be in your space or place.

    Do not allow yourself to become a second-place holder by being a self-professed “Schmuck”, defined as a foolish or contemptible person.

    As some would say, continue to hold the higher moral ground. In the end, the light that shines with the brightest ethics, and a continued path of a higher moral conduct will usually overcome has been my experience in some 58 years of life in general.

    Those who conduct themselves with good morals, open-minded conduct, along with confident behavior, have already won the great battle of the mind, or the wits.

    Keep it clean, keep it honest, do what you do best, be proud of yourself and who YOU are, and don’t allow the other “close-minded” individuals to influence your sense of good moral conduct and more. You will have a fuller, happier, more successful, and presumably a longer life!!

    God Bless you all, Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, LLC.