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    As some of you may have recently heard when we did our “Concierge Level Presentation” up at the Midwest show, pawn shops are closing at an alarming rate, (more than 5000 have closed in the Philippines alone), retail revenues are in decline, pawn loan balances have been contracting, inventories more challenging to control, adaptation to technology very slow in the USA and the global market and much more.

    In short, these are some of the most challenging times in the Pawn World’s history to grow or sustain your business.

    In case you didn’t know, PCG offers a ZERO CASH outlay for clients struggling with cash-flow and expenses for our consulting and supportive services, “we get paid when you get paid” from the ACTUAL results!! Call for details

    One of my most common statements in the consulting space and from me as an individual, (Jerry Whitehead), let us help you avoid the mistakes that have been tried, trued, and proven over the past 40+ years of my active life in the PAWN industry, along with the decades of PAWN experience, HR experience, and more that our team of professionals can bring to you.

    There is no one-stop shop or principle for any one of our active or potential clients. Our proven methodologies have undergone decades of refinement with our collective involvement with our worldwide client base, our industry only “Pawn Peer Focus Groups”, our famed Pawn Symposiums, Management Camp Series, and now our Crossover EXPO’s we produce annually.

    There are no shortcuts or any single stage recipes that work across the board for success no matter what you may be hearing from others. PCG strives to create completely customized programs and approaches for each individual client based on their needs and capability assessments.

    Do not be fooled, there is only one “Pawn Shop Consulting Group” and we have 100’s of customer testimonials to back up our extensive operational history and successes with clients in more than 40 countries worldwide today.

    We offer complete satisfaction and 100% of ALL expense outlays to be refunded for ANY un-satisfied clients!

    Real Life Store Performances

    PCG is very proud to report recent results occurring with several of our newest clients coming into the fold and post our initial consultations. These results have been achieved with on-going supportive roles we have been providing for our groups of clients on many levels.

    They say,“the proof is in the results” right?

    As with any good business person(s), business, or consultants, validating actual customer testimonials remains the true litmus test of results achieved for others and should be done before you make that investment decision into your business.

    Consulting Services are just that, “Investments into your Business”.

    Client A – Midwestern USA – Single Store

    Same Store Sales up 15K as of 5/23/2018 for the month as compared to 5/31/2017, up more than 45% and the month is not over yet.

    Aged inventory down 18%, Loan yields up 14.5%, GP UP 23%, Inventory yield increased by more than 6% for the month thus far, employee productivity overall up 37%, revenues up 32%+, and more month to go.

    This operation has been undergoing a number of operational changes since our initial involvement. We have massive inventory issues to contend with, large surplus of aged inventory 360+, old school culture, personnel replacement happening as I type, web and social media presence coming together, online sales and listings enhanced significantly since recruitment of online social media manager and product listing specialist. Much more to follow, stay tuned!

    Client B – Western USA – 2 Store Group

    Client engagement began this past March, loan balances up 120K or 28% as of 5/20/2018 as compared to 4/1/2018, pawn fees up 62K or 29% YTD as compared to 017, with forfeiture rate decreasing some 18%, sales volume up 197K or 31% overall as of 5/20/2018 as compared to same period 2017. GP store levels up more than 90K or 25%+, Inventory yields have improved by 41% with a significant reduction in aged, shuffling old product out, aggressive inventory write-downs and liquidations and more aggressive online sales behavior.

    Client C – Mexico – 67 Stores

    This group PCG has been involved with since June of 2017, within the 60+ store group we have seen overall sales revenue increase by more than 1 million dollars (non pesos), 1.25 actually or 23.5% overall, pawn loan balances have increased by more than 1.7 million in dollars, same period, or 21% overall, pawn service charges are up 1.56 Million dollars or 27% overall same period, total company revenues up by more than 25%, and the list goes on. Mexico represents a highly competitive market and a wide range of principles have been applied to achieve the results.

    As a number of our clients have said, “why did we wait so long before engaging PCG”, all we lost is precious time and money!

    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, LLC.