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  • Crossover EXPO 2018 High-Line Sponsor – BRAVO PAWN SYSTEMS

    Hello Fans in Pawn Land!


    PCG is proud to be bringing back one of our high-line sponsors again this year to the Crossover EXPO this September in Orlando.

    Bravo Pawn Systems and Steven Mack will be presenting again this year on the amazing advances they have developed with their phone apps’ and much more within the Bravo Pawn System Technologies.

    Their technology allows for loan and layaway payments to be done VIA the smart APP and allows consumers to shop their favorite store’s goods or products listed on Bravo’s exclusive product listing site BUYA, along with eBay, Craigslist, and more.

    Today BUYA has over 90000+ product listings and falls within one of the top 10 searches online today.

    Their mobile application allows the consumers shopping goods online in their favorite pawn shops to also put those items on layaway if they so choose. Saving them precious time and money and fully mobilizing their ability to shop and pay at their leisure from home or work.

    The development of the smartphone APP also allows the merchant to maintain a string of constant contact methodologies with their consumers, again, greatly simplifying the consumers’ abilities to do business with their favorite establishments.

    Come see what others are dreaming of in the new world of high-level inter-active technology applications available to pawnbrokers today and hear it from the company’s owner and primary conceptual developer Mr. Steven Mack.

    Steven is a fourth-generation pawnbroker that expanded the Super-Pawn brand name from a single store to over 50 stores before selling to Cash America for 120+ Million dollars some 15 years ago. Steven attributed the success of the Super Pawn Brand to the more than 100 million + items that had been evaluated by the hybrid system he developed predicating Bravo Systems today.

    BRAVO is a true inter-active fully mobilized cloud-based technology that has been fully developed by one of the most successful pawn operations and operators in the world today. Technology developed by Pawnbrokers, for Pawnbrokers!!

    This will be a do not miss the opportunity to witness the latest in mobile APP technology and much more for your operations.

    Come see what all the buzz is about, PCG, the Florida Pawnbrokers Association, our sponsors, and our industry look forward to seeing you all in Orlando this fall for one of the best regional Pawn shows held anywhere in the world today!!

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    Jerry Whitehead