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    Conference & Trade Show May 9th through May 12th

    Fellow Pawn Fans and More

    We are fast approaching one of the BEST educational programs held anywhere in the world today. The CROSSOVER EXPO this year is shaping up very nicely with over 15 high level educational seminars being presented along with a full-blown trade show component attached. We have over 30 vendors in a wide range of products and services that will be presenting at this years show.

    For Florida, it has been well over a decade since a trade-show for the FPA (Florida Pawnbrokers Association) has been produced and PCG and the FPA have teamed up to deliver just that, an educational trade show for the state and many others. Multiple states have registered thus far and more trickling in daily.

    As denoted from our earlier blogs, the Industry has more competition today from a wide range of areas which include the Internet, big-box retailers, super-funded super groups, public money, regulators, banks, politicians, and the list just goes on and on.

    Come listen and learn from the most diversified group of presentations presented anywhere today!



    Our host property is making last minute arrangements on our meeting space and our actual time schedule for the speakers is forthcoming, we should have this out this coming week, stay tuned!

    Information on several of our presenters is as follows:

    PRESENTER – Jerry Whitehead – Founder of the Pawn Shop Consulting Group



    Jerry is a 2nd generation pawnbroker with more than 40 years in the Pawn Space. Today the Pawn Shop Consulting Group has serviced hundreds of clients in more than 40 countries worldwide today and Mr. Whitehead is the only internationally recognized global pawn consultant.

    The pieces presented this year will include a wide array of topics during the presentations that will include what consistent winning customer service techniques we have witnessed and have seen in practice around the world today by some of the most successful operators in the industry.

    Another aspect of the presentations will include the “Financial Metrics” piece that covers the various KPI’s, or Key Performance Indicators that ALL operators should be acutely aware of and understand intimately along with a productivity and compensation guideline that we have been modeling for many years.

    The combination of these presentations will be inter-active and highly educational and this years EXPO will be witnessing the newest level of these presentations which are a culmination of Mr. Whitehead’s life and experiences in the Industry. A do not miss opportunity.

    PRESENTER – David Johns


    PCG and David have worked together for many years and David has presented and participated at many of our events over the past years. Some of those events include our now famous “International Pawn Symposiums”, the “Management Camp” Series that PCG produced as well our as our Industry “Focus Groups”.

    We consider David to be one of the most intelligent and informed Human Resource specialists in the world today. David has a degree from the University of Mississippi in Industrial Psychology and served in an HR capacity for Sears & Roebuck for more than 20 years, was in charge of HR for Cash America for many years and was one of the founding principles of Value Pawn a highly successful chain that was based out of Florida.

    David has developed numerous programs that completely define the best metrics seen anywhere in the world today on how to develop personnel. These programs he has been intensely involved in for decades have been unrivaled anywhere in the world today in my experiences as a consultant. David’s approaches are numerous and the finest points on how to recruit, select, develop, motivate, and maintain the best of the best will be the highlight of David’s presentation this year at the EXPO. David will be joined with Marvin Kidwell a newly developed disciple of David’s with a background in psychology and much more. Together, these guys promise to deliver up another do not miss opportunity this year at the Crossover EXPO!

    The other line up of presenters are as follows and more detail coming on each of them:

    Brad Huisken – Founder of IAS training, a high level sales and development trainer with decades of material and expertise. Brad is one of the most sought after educators in the space today, retail and pawn, another custom created presentation for the EXPO a presentation on the best points of sales and customer relationship management.

    • Jamie Smith – Pawnbroker, author – Numismatics Specialist – A high level look at Numismatics, how and why you should be dealing in coins and bullion in your business to enhance your bottom line and attract new customers to your operation.
    • Jack Brown – Mid States Refinery – AS an owner and operator of one of the nations’ largest metals refineries, Jack will be presenting the finer points of how the refining processes work including fire-assays along with high-lighting the new level of high quality fake bullion and precious metals circulating today.
    • Harold Dambrot – Pawnbroker Master – Graduate Gemologist – Harold is one of the most outspoken and intelligent individuals in the industry today. His vast experience in the industry, diamonds, watches, bullion, operations, legislation and his outlook promises to be some of the best insight from some of the brightest minds this industry has ever seen, again, another do not miss opportunity to hear it from one of the industry’s own legends and brightest minds.
    • Steve Mack – Bravo Systems – Steve is the founder of Bravo systems and was the founder of the famed Super-Pawn multi-store operation that was acquired a number of years ago and was one of the most successful pawn chains in history. Today his expertise is information management systems in a SaaS based environment. He will be demonstrating how seamless and easy it is to expand your products and services online to enhance revenues, growth, and bottom lines.
    • Victor GuzmanPresto Ecom Systems – Victor will be doing a piece on technology and the importance of it in your business today from point of sale data management to online presence and digital marketing, an exciting piece from an industry leader in the technology space.
    • Roberto Doering Eyeson Surveillance and Monitoring Systems – Roberto will be doing a piece on how surveillance technology can not only protect assets and personnel, but monitor customer behavior, monitor transactional activity and more.
    • Steven MooreButterMilk Media – Web designer and social media engineer, Steve’s piece will be on the necessity of in-store and online security and the dangers of open-net in your business today, a piece on the new forefront of cyber security and more.
    • Dan LaubeNXT Technologies – Online Marketing, how online marketing drives NEW business in your stores and increases market share and bottom line, efficiently and effectively – a DO NOT miss opportunity as well from an industry online provider.
    • Tony GalloSapphire Protection – Much of what you need to know about staying alert, safe, and secure in your business – Pawn Shops have become a desired target for criminal behavior on many levels, internally and externally.
    • Woody MatthewsCPA – Accounting principles and your business, why good financial record housekeeping is so important for your business and new tax implications coming into place for you and your business as well, exploration of tax loop-holes and potential money saving techniques to consider – a high level look from an insiders perspective on better accounting and income tax management – Hugely beneficial piece presented only at the EXPO.
    • Mark Lowers & Scott Sweeney – Lowers & Associates / Marshall & Sterling – Risk mitigation specialists, Mark will be doing a piece combined on risk mitigation and current banking discontinuance issues and more. Mr. Sweeney will be covering various need to know aspects of proper and concise underwriting.
    • David SigersonAttorney / Lobbyist – Florida Pawnbrokers Association, David will be presenting topic matter on how legislators work, how you can effectively navigate in time of crisis and not in time of crisis to protect your rights to do business, status update on Florida legislative activities as well.
    • Joshua DavisFPA president – Pawnbroker – Status of the Industry and the Florida Pawnbrokers Association today.

    For your investment of $199 we are offering up 18 high-level educational sessions with many of the best of the best with a comprehensive trade show production.

    Event Information:

    Event is being held at the Gaylord Hotel in Orlando, May 9th – 12th and PCG has procured a group rate of $169 per night at the host property.

    A link to the hotel to get the promo rate for our event – early booking is a necessity, limited block of rooms!

    Gaylord Reservation Link for Event

    Tentative Schedule for event is as follows:

    Monday 5/9/2016

        GEMS – Set up of trade-show floor – Gilbert Exposition Management Services
        Registration Noon – 4PM

    Tuesday 5/10/2016

        Vendor set up / registration 9AM till 4PM
        Seminars running concurrently all day 8AM to 6PM
        Reception in Exhibit Hall 6:30 – 8:00PM

    Wednesday 5/11/2016

        Breakfast all attendees 8 – 9AM
        Exhibit Hall Grand opening 9AM – 6:00PM (lunch – exhibit hall noon till 1PM)
        Seminar Session Break 2 Hours TBD
        Reception in Exhibit Hall 4:30 – 6:00PM
    Thursday 5/12/2016

        Breakfast all attendees 8 – 9AM
        Exhibit Hall 9AM – 4:00PM (lunch – exhibit hall noon till 1PM)
        Seminar Session Break 2 Hours TBD
        Vendor Tear Down (Post 4PM)

    You may register for the event now with this link:

    Registration FORM Link

    Feel free to register directly with the above links and book your hotel room through our hotel portal.

    Respectfully – Jerry Whitehead
    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, Inc.





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