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  • International Pawn Shop Symposium

    PCG Brings Back the “International Pawn Symposium™” Maui Hawaii 2021

    Folks, it’s true, PCG has had a lot of inquiry and demand to bring back our famed “International Pawn Symposium™”

    History Serving the Pawn Industry Specifically

    AS the founder of the Pawn Shop Consulting Group™ with decades of experience, I have served on countless committees and board seat positions with numerous State, National, and International Pawn Associations for some 25 years +. All of this while personally being involved with building up several organizations combined, which produced over 150 Million dollars’ worth of revenues at the times of their various acquisitions by public and private companies.

    Why trust your business and your educational expenses to SAE’s, Self, Appointed, Experts who have never owned or operated their own store or store’s or other peoples?

    PCG has been producing Pawn Symposiums, Trade-shows, Focus Groups and Management Camps for more than a decade and brings more than 45 + years of Direct Pawn Experience into the Industry as a life-long, second-generation Pawnbroker.

    The events we produce like the “International Pawn Symposium™” are unlike any other events produced in the Pawn World today.

    As with all of our events, we utilize nothing but the best in venues, provide the highest levels of material, presenters and presentations with a wide-scale of business acumen. This is coupled with the most relevant information and takeaways for attendees found anywhere.

    Our events are stacked with high-level educational segments along networking activities, social activities, loaded with top shelf meals, cocktail socials and much more. This keeps our folks together for the ultimate in social and Pawn immersion with many like minded professionals from around the world.

    PCG has selected Maui to host the 2021 Event for a Variety of Reasons and here are some of them along with some interesting facts about Maui.

    Legends of Maui

    Ancient Hawaiian legends are very important pieces of culture that are passed down from one generation to the next. It is done through storytelling and highlights the important tales of how the Hawaiian Islands were formed, how they got their names and what each should be remembered for.

    Ancient Hawaiians have a deep connection to nature and use myths and legends to explain them. According to legends, a demigod Maui pulled the Hawaiian Islands from the sea and lassoed the sun atop Haleakala, the island’s highest peak. Maui was named after this mythological being, maybe because the shape of the island resembles that of what his head and body looked like. Paddling outrigger canoes, the first ancestor of the Hawaiian Islands followed the stars and birds across the sea to Hawaii. They called it “the land of raging fire”. Maui’s history, like the other Hawaiian Islands, is one of wars and conquests where one king would take over another king’s land.

    More Facts about Maui


    Hawaii one of the best places to whale watch in the world. There are only 18,000 Northern Pacific humpback whales surviving today.



    There are many reasons for attending events like this one, PCG is highlighting some of the best reasons so folks can get ready for THE event of the Decade!

    Stay Tuned for more updates and the Pawn Symposium Web Site soon, and as always, you can call directly for more information or questions @ 954-540-3697 in the USA.

    Jerry Whitehead