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    PCG’s Global initiatives in the Pawn Shop Consulting Space

    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawn Land,

    The world is currently going through a global Pandemic and as such is on standby globally with varying levels of economic distress and more as a result.

    PCG has been communicating with clients of ours from around the world with hosts of issues and concerns for their livelihoods and businesses in these trying times.

    In a number of the countries we have clients in, the entire countries are currently on shut down with exception to vital services. That includes the temporary suspension of all NON-ESSENTIAL businesses. We are witnessing numerous store closures in various countries as the Pandemic makes its pass as we know it.

    These are exceptional times that will require exceptional behavior to sustain us throughout this global event. Many areas in the USA are suspending all non-essential services.  As a result many of our stores will also face temporary closures until the bulk of this latest virus outbreak comes to pass.

    Initial Consults have ALWAYS been FREE

    For close to 20 years, PCG has been offering up our initial consulting services for a ZERO FEE. The types of support we provide varies based on the client capabilities and where they may be in the operational world now. Make no mistake about it, we are here to help businesses preserve their rights and way of life to be as successful as possible. I like to say, “we have never lost a ship on our watch”!

    Every client is as individual as are their needs and are treated as such, very special. We have seen over the past 45 years in the Industry there has never been a singular solution that is a one size fits all for any of us. We are all as unique as the pets we may have is a common saying of mine.

    Since PCG has expanded our league of consultants, so have the services we have provided over the close to two decades we have been consulting. Our services have expanded as our clients have and their unique needs in today’s ever-changing world.

    Many of my public speaking opportunities that many of you have seen over the years, has indicated one very important mantra, “The ground on which we stand, is shifting under our feet”!

    Our unique line up of consultants, services, and service providers include:

    PCG and PawnTrain

    Through our affiliate, PawnTrain, PCG has been offering comprehensive online training and more for many levels of personnel and operators in the pawn space.

    As part of this alliance, PawnTrain and PCG have been offering up some of these services at “off rack rates” for PCG clients specifically. These can come with other levels of adjustments for the business distressed operations out there.

    Alan Nelson and PCG believe it is more important to support than to profit in times of need, and as a result offer a very wide range of support products and services in these trying times for clients.

    Contact PCG directly for more information on these services and access to our broader online menu.

    PCG is currently affiliated with the following as an avid Industry Supporter:

    National Pawnbrokers Association – Industry Partner

    California Association of Pawnbrokers – Industry Partner

    Vendor Council – California Association of Pawnbrokers

    Advisory Board – Jewelry Appraisal and Gemological Institute

    As PCG’s Founder and a 2nd Generation Pawnbroker I have spent the best part of my life, some 45 years serving in the Industry. Grew up working on floors and loan counters and in store management / ownership 15+ years, Executive Management 10+ years, and Consulting for close to 20 years.

    Served on various Association Boards in Multiple states and countries for some 30 years and live to help others. My personal desire since I was a child starting out in the business was to leave the Industry a better place than I found it.

    See what hundreds of our clients are saying worldwide today, make the call, remember, ALL of our Initial Consults have ALWAYS been FREE of charge, and there is only ONE – Pawn Shop Consulting Group!

    Jerry Whitehead