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  • Pawn Shop Peer Focus Groups



    Ladies and Gentlemen in Pawn Land,


    PCG is proud to introduce our next generation of high-level online communities with the introduction of our Pawn Peer Focus Group Communities.


    As some of you may know, PCG has the industry’s only Pawn Peer Focus Group and is currently in our 10th year of the cycle with our members of this group.


    These groups have traditionally met two times a year in members markets and worked on a variety of “Best Practices” while we are on site, up close, and up front with the target store(s) members.


    Intensive work-shops coupled with the brutal honesty required to endure peer pressure and performance measurements analyzing the results in real time while HELD Accountable to a higher level of standards at the same time. PROVEN PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENTS!!


    One of our group members years’ ago was quoted as saying “Anyone can grow a loan balance” but do they know how determine their yields by category, how their forfeitures by category affect their inventory turns, margins, and inventory yields. Short answer we have found 95%+ in Our Industry have little to NO understanding of this basic series of metrics which is common knowledge for our world.


    PCG is introducing the first line of the highest generation of high-level, serious operational studies and practices for a new generation of Pawnbrokers looking to take their business to a higher level.


    Our Focus Groups have a set a standard of excellence along with very high-level interaction and operational over-views of what we like to say, “CAN be DONE”.


    Technology allows us to reach a broader segment of the Pawn World while still offering up the most advanced resources to help YOU manage your business to a whole new level.


    PCG operates with the latest innovations for our industry, as we are constantly sourcing the resources of our greater World-Wide Community and more aggressively.


    With the advent of more than 45 years in the industry, hundreds of millions in revenues developed by us, coupled with 15+ years of our own high-level productions such as our Pawn Peer Focus Groups, International Pawn Symposiums, Management Camps, Pawn Summits, Crossover EXPO’s, and our constant contact with our global client base, along with a host of other industry professionals and more we STAY in the know.


    PCG remains the Industry leader particularly in the Financial Metrics and Key Performance Indicators which will be inclusive to our Online Community. We examine more benchmarks than anyone in our industry today and understand the performance metrics and how to manipulate them as we have been doing for decades to benefit you and your business for a lifetime.


    PCG’s Exclusive ONLINE Pawn Peer Focus Groups are inclusive of the following and much more:


    • Groups will be limited to 10 members per group
    • No direct competitors will be allowed in any one group
    • All Members Sign an Agreement with Terms and Conditions of Membership – Rules of Engagement and Ethics
    • Groups will meet online 2 X A Month (Initially)
    • Topics PCG has developed for our Focus Groups for Group Discussions and Analysis include and not limited to:
      • Financial Examination of Store(s) Performances KPI’s – PCG Standardized Pro Forma Analysis
      • Individual Members Metrics Analysis Included as part of the membership (PCG) area of specialization
      • Best Practices
      • Online and Social Media Analysis
      • Team Productivity – analysis of personnel on performance and production, profiles – Team Structures – Strength and Weaknesses
      • Individual PCG Compensation Plans along with Results of Bonus / Productivity / Compensation Programs Structured for EACH Member
      • Competitive Strength and Weaknesses – Peer Members
      • Monthly Video Review – Peer Group Members Stores for Live Critiques and online store visits
      • Routine Visits from various other Professionals for our groups Online and Other
      • Member Discounts for PCG / PawnTrain Online Digital Training Programs and More
      • PCG will Provide each member of these groups one on one consultation monthly, and individual group Financial Metric Analysis as part of YOUR membership > A $2500 Value Today


    PCG Is offering all of this suite of services for group members for the Industry at only $995 per month.


    Contact PCG Directly if you would like to participate in the Industry’s single most successful game-changing programs PCG has ever introduced.


    Peer Groups hold EVERYONE Accountable in the Group, Subscribe Today if you want to take charge and change your business for the future forever!


    Jerry Whitehead

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group, LLC.