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  • Pawn Shop Thriving in China

    Folks, here is an interesting piece we pulled off the glorious world wide web this morning. I find it interesting to denote that many of our discussions in times of recent and at many of the public functions I have had the opportunity to speak at address this very subject matter on a global basis.

    The industry as we know along with various forms of micro-lending are growing outside the USA  at a very brisk pace.

    Today, the Pawn Shop Consulting Group services more than 400 clients in more than 35 countries around the world. We have been seeing a significant demand for our services growing in the global community at a very fast pace. This is primarily due to an overall decline in the global economy, rising commodity prices, followed by massive bank failures and tighter lending restrictions everywhere on the planet today.

    We have been witnessing many of our clients outside the USA growing their operations aggressively and our venture in the Caribbean sees a tremendous opportunity for our multi-country roll out and more.

    Most recently we obtianed a new client in Russia that has a significant presence there and is planning on a large roll out of stores across Russia and some of the other Baltic States and as denoted we see this as a growing trend with many of the clients we have in our International communities.

    We see this industry on a global basis as blooming, growing, consolidating, and seeking connectivity to a larger community of Pawnbrokers in order to share, learn and disseminate our challenges and rewards as entreprenuers in the business that we all love so much.

    Pawn Shop Consulting Group is working to organize the Industry’s first of kind and a First Mover with our – International Pawn Conference that is tentatively scheduled in late 2012 in Cartagena Colombia.

    We will be exploring this concept with many of our International clients at our upcoming Pawn Symposium and Conference scheduled for September of this year at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Naples Florida.

    The event is reaching it’s capacity and we are VERY excited to host the worlds first event of this type and are also launching our full FOCUS group concepts for this industry and to our global pawn community and rapidly growing client base.

    Here is an interesting read about our Industry in China, enjoy!


    Jerry Whitehead


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