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  • Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain – Hiring & Training for Pawn

    Pawn Family,


    Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrainHiring and Training for Pawn!

    Pawnshop Hiring and Training, remain one of the Number one issues facing our beloved industry today!

    This is coupled with Finding quality candidates to hire, with little to no training provided once hired from what we see with many of our clients.

    Let us help you do your hiring and training, all with excellence specifically for the Pawn Industry.

    Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain do both, we can hire for you, your SLA’s, or sales lending associates, as well as management or upper management candidates for your organization. Hiring and Training for Pawn are just some of our specialties!

    We provide these services ala carte, or for one low monthly support fee that covers the hiring and training for your entry level personnel (ALL LEVELS) and a whole lot more.

    With our line up of, Jerry Whitehead, Alan Nelson and Kevin Nawotka – with our combined extensive careers in the Pawn Industry – we have hired and trained thousands of employees.

    The Key ingredients of finding the right fit candidates, for the right fit job are in our wheel house!

    We have dozens of client’s we are hiring for currently and have placed numerous management personnel and others in PCG’s case over the past 30+ years and now in our combined client handling.

    Hiring is one thing, placing the right key ad’s on effective bulletin boards, coupled with social media and our wide network are just some of our successful strategies!

    These do include the interview process, onboarding and training which also makes it simple, easy, and affordable for a growing list of active clients.

    ALL of our clients have businesses to run, why not let the team at Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain make this aspect of your business easier so YOU can run your business, and let us hire and train your personnel!

    We offer hundreds of levels of training between Pawnshop Consulting Group and PawnTrain, see what we have in our abbreviated line up right here:


    See what hundreds of our clients from around the world are experiencing today and let us help you, do what YOU do best, RUN YOUR BUSINESS!


    Our operational Modi is – “We Got Your Back”


    Jerry Whitehead – Owner

    Pawnshop Consulting Group, LLC.


    Alan Nelson